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If you're looking for an EV charge point installer, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, make sure that the installer is experienced and certified. There are many different charge points on the market, many with different needs. So, it's important to work with a certified professional to ensure that your charge point, no matter the brand, is installed correctly.

Second, you want to ask about the different types of charge points available. There are three types: Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 charge points. Each one has their own benefits and drawbacks. A certified installer will be able to help you choose the best charge point for your needs.

Finally, you want to make sure to ask about warranties or guarantees - figure out if they are offered and what they will cover. A trustworthy installer will stand behind their work and make sure that there’s a good result. If there are any issues, they will solve them without hassle.

By keeping these tips in mind, you will find yourself working with a qualified EV charge point installer who will help you get the most out of your hardware investment.

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EV Charge Point Grant with authorised UK installers

The EV Charge Point Grant is a grant available in the UK that reimburses 75% of the charge point and installation cost. This grant has replaced the older Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, as of April 2022. Ownership, leasing, or ordering a qualifying automobile and having off-street parking at one's home are all required. The biggest difference with the former scheme, is that a person cannot claim this grant twice, for two different charge points.

The grant remains open to:

  • homeowners who live in flats
  • people in rental accommodation (flats and single-use properties)

If you wish to take advantage of the grants, you must go with an OZEV certified installer so that you can take full advantage of the EV charge point grant. The same installers that were authorized to work with the EVHS scheme also qualify for this new grant. 

As a rule of thumb, we recommend that you get quotes from at least three certified installers before making your decision.

Read here for more information.

What to keep in mind when choosing an EV charger

The cost of a home charge point installation can vary depending on the type of charger, the type of location for the charger, and more. However, in general, home charge point costs are not very different between installers. But by choosing an experienced and certified installer to help you choose the right charger for your needs, you’ll be more likely to make the right choice of hardware.

The waiting time for a certified installer to set up your charger can be up to two weeks. The biggest difference between installers is when they can set up your charger. Some installers may be able to do it in a few days, while others may take a few weeks.

As an EV owner, having the right charge point for your car at home is key. A good installer will know what charge point to recommend for your car, home and personal needs. Depending on your home's electrical setup and your vehicle type, the charger that gives the maximum output and the fastest charging might change. And nobody wants a charger that is going to take a day to fully charge your car. But choosing a charge point that is both easy to use and reliable is key. A good installer will be able to guide you to the best charging solution and install it properly.

If you own an electric vehicle, then you know that one of the most important things to be aware of is how to properly maintain and charge your car's battery. That is where smart chargers come in handy. Smart chargers can help you do both of these things, while significantly reducing your electricity bill as well.

monta smart charging feature
Smart charging feature in the Monta app

A smart charger is a device that automatically adjusts the charging current and voltage to match the needs of your battery. Meaning that you don't have to worry about overcharging or undercharging your battery - the charger will take care of that for you.

These charge points are internet-enabled, and allow for remotely and automatically controlling your charge. For example, you can plug in your car when you get home but with Smart Charging, the car will only charge at night, when electricity is cheapest.

Advantages of using Monta software on your charge point

By installing Monta on your phone, and connecting your car to your account, enabling Smart Charging when electricity is cheapest or most eco-friendly will be easier than ever. With Monta, you can save money on your electricity bill and help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Monta is a software layer that works with any charge point brand, and allows you to control your EV's charging schedule from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can set it to charge during off-peak hours when electricity is cheapest, or at times when renewable energy is plentiful. Monta makes EV ownership more convenient and affordable, while also being better for the planet.

But Monta can do much more than just set up Smart Charging. It allows you to share your charger with friends and family, and even make it available to the public if it's by the road. You can always use Monta to control the charge point availability and pricing.

Find a charge point installer with Monta

If you're looking for an EV charger, your best bet is to find a Monta certified installer. With Monta's certified installers, you can be sure that you're getting a good product and quality work that will work well with your vehicle and provide years of reliable service.