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The landscape of personal transportation is undergoing a dynamic transformation across Europe, with electric vehicles (EVs) leading the way. This wave of change presents both opportunities and challenges for housing associations and residential units, as they strive to meet the rising demand for electric cars and remain competitive in the market.

In this blog post, we'll dive into the data points that showcase the undeniable value of having EV chargers in your housing association or residential unit and explore the perks of futureproofing your community and meeting the growing needs of environmentally-conscious residents.

The rise of electric vehicles in Europe

The rise of electric vehicles in Europe has been remarkable, as evidenced by the surge in EV sales reported in the Global EV Outlook 2023. Comparing sales in 2022 to those in 2020, there was a staggering 93% increase, resulting in a total of 1.4 million units sold. 

In 2023, the growth trajectory is expected to continue, with an estimated additional 25% increase, reaching 3.4 million units. This impressive growth can be attributed to various factors, including the European Union's ambitious target of having at least 30 million zero-emission vehicles on its roads by 2030. This goal has provided significant momentum for the adoption of electric vehicles across Europe and for many living in the European Union, going electric could even become mandatory quite soon, as the EU moves closer to banning sales of new petrol or diesel cars from 2035.

According to Ernst & Young's latest Mobility Consumer Index, more than half of car buyers surveyed worldwide express a desire for their next purchase to be an electric or hybrid model. These findings highlight the growing popularity and acceptance of electric vehicles among European consumers, creating a demand for charging infrastructure.

The added value of EV chargers in housing associations

Incorporating EV chargers into your housing association or residential unit is an investment that offers several advantages. It not only responds to the growing demand from residents who want to charge their electric vehicles at home but also opens up new business opportunities and adds value to your property. By integrating charging stations, you can provide convenient charging solutions, attract residents, and enjoy the benefits of having a well-managed charging infrastructure.

Attracting eco-conscious residents and increasing property value

The installation of charging points not only appeals to eco-conscious residents but also enhances property value. Research conducted by Rivervale Leasing in the UK revealed that 76% of homes with an EV charger installed experienced an increase in value. As electric vehicle ownership rises, convenient charging options become a crucial factor for tenants and buyers when choosing housing, making EV charging infrastructure a valuable choice for environmentally conscious individuals seeking sustainable living options.

Enhanced value and resident satisfaction

Installing charge points caters to residents' evolving preferences for sustainability and sustainable features, including EV charging infrastructure. By offering this amenity, you can increase resident satisfaction, promote longer tenancy periods, and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

Government incentives and grants 

Government incentives and grants play a crucial role in facilitating the installation of charge points in housing associations. Many European countries offer financial support specifically targeted at encouraging housing associations and residential units to adopt EV charging solutions.

These financial supports, including grants and tax credits, reduce the initial investment costs and make installation more financially viable. By leveraging government programs, housing associations can contribute to sustainability goals while creating an appealing living environment for residents.

Future-proofing your housing association

By installing charge points, you are taking a proactive step towards future-proofing your housing association in Europe. This crucial investment allows you to meet the growing demand for EV charging facilities, attracting a wider range of residents while demonstrating your commitment to sustainability.

When you offer convenient access to charging facilities, you position your association as a forward-thinking choice for potential tenants or buyers. In today's electric vehicle market, staying proactive in anticipating regulatory changes and industry trends helps safeguard your association's success in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

By incorporating charge points, you're not just addressing the present needs but also ensuring the long-term relevance and competitiveness of your housing association. It's a smart move that benefits your community and aligns with the environmentally conscious mindset of today's residents.

Maintain a competitive edge 

As the electric car market expands, housing providers that offer charging solutions will have a clear advantage over those that do not. By investing in EV chargers now, you can ensure your property remains attractive to potential tenants and buyers in the years to come.

Minimise potential retrofitting costs

Retrofitting existing properties with EV chargers can be costly and disruptive. By planning for and incorporating EV charging infrastructure from the outset, you can avoid these expenses and inconveniences in the future.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

By adopting EV chargers, you are signalling your commitment to reducing emissions and supporting a cleaner, greener future. This can help strengthen your reputation and appeal to a growing demographic of environmentally-conscious residents.

Not only do you promote the electrification of transport by installing charge points, but you also contribute to meeting ambitious targets of phasing out new petrol and diesel vehicles and supplying at least 3.4 million operational public charge points by 2030. By facilitating EV adoption, you actively participate in the energy transition. Furthermore, by staying ahead of potential regulations that may require smart charging infrastructure in residential buildings, you future-proof your association.

Elevate your property with a seamless, reliable, and sustainable EV charging solution

To fully capitalise on the benefits of electric car chargers and ensure a seamless charging experience for residents, it is essential for housing associations to adopt a comprehensive charge point management software. Monta's charge point management software (CPMS) offers a winning formula that empowers housing associations to future-proof their communities and maximise resident satisfaction.

Streamlining charging operations and optimising resources

Monta's CPMS simplifies EV charger management, offering centralised monitoring, remote maintenance, and real-time analytics. This ensures efficient resource distribution, minimises downtime, and provides a reliable charging experience for residents.

Enhancing resident convenience and satisfaction

Deliver a seamless and user-friendly charging experience by providing your residents with multiple ways of accessing your chargers: via the Monta app, tagging an RFID card, scanning a QR code, or using the Auto-start feature.

Easy to set up and start running the chargers

Monta's CPMS centralises the setup process, streamlining charging and energy management. We integrate with over 300 AC and DC charger models and 100 electric car models, ensuring easy and quick installation while our user-friendly dashboard makes managing and monitoring your charging stations effortless.

Future readiness and scalability

Monta's software integrates with over 300 charger models, providing future readiness and scalability for your residence. As demand grows, our scalable solution allows you to expand and accommodate more electric car drivers. We’re always on top of new industry regulations and offer features that ensure your property is future-proofed in the evolving electric car market.

Looking for guidance in selecting charge point management software? Take a look at our comprehensive CPMS buyer's guide. It serves as a valuable resource for those interested in entering the EV charging industry and effectively scaling their charging operations.