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In our quest to help you EV better, this month’s main focus on the App side was to give EV drivers and home users better insights into their cost for charging and improving the way you can ask for support, whenever you need it. 

Check out what we have improved, and built for you below.

Better insights for home users to understand costs and usage

Good news for all home users – have you ever wondered what your costs for charging at home are? With ‘cost’ we mean your actual electricity costs for your charging consumption at home.

The insights in the Monta App always had some great data for you to explore. However, these insights didn’t show you the cost of home charging, but only what you’ve spent when charging on other charge points while using Monta.

So when you asked us for better insights into the actual cost of charging your car at home, we did exactly that. This update includes two parts: 

First, you’ll have the option to enter the prices you have in your electricity contract. You can also add a premium (taxes or VAT’s) on top of that. This will allow you to track the costs for your home charging needs.

Second, we split the Insights screen to show you insights for your Public and Home charge sessions separately. With that said, the ‘Public’ view covers your charge sessions on charge points that you don’t own and the ‘Home’ view covers your charge sessions on charge points that belong to a personal Team where you are the owner or admin.

This is what you’ll be able to see in the new Insights view:

For you as a home user, this gives you a better representation of actual costs, usage and savings of charging privately. This is valuable information as it will allow you to better understand your EV charging costs in contrast to what you pay for public charging or in contrast to the rest of your household’s electricity costs.

Support, but better

To make it easy for our App users to get support when they need it, we are improving our ‘Support’ section in the Monta App.

First of all, you can now access the support section directly from your Charge Point Detail Screen. This serves as a shortcut as you’ll always be one click away from getting help during every charge you make. Further, you will be able to find answers quicker as you’ll have access to our Help Center and the most relevant guides – in one personalized view.

Tell us what you need

Our product should serve you. Hence, if you have any features in mind that you need in the Monta App or if you have any improvement ideas, please let us know! 

Head over here and place your feature request, feedback, or to upvote ideas from fellow Monta users! 

Whatever it may be, we love hearing from you.


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