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Welcome to the latest edition of the Monta Portal update blog! We are excited to share with you the new features and improvements that we’ve been working on to enhance your user experience. This month, we’ve focused on bringing you more flexibility, convenience, and efficiency in managing your business through the Monta Portal.

The updates for January include:

  • More flexibility in DynamicPricing, which gives you more control over your pricing strategy, allowing you to respond quickly to market changes;
  • Firmware updates directly from the Portal and App;
  • Payment via Vipps in Norway.

We understand the importance of staying ahead in today’s fast-paced business environment and these updates are designed to help you do just that.

Learn how to access these features below.

Push firmware updates directly from the Monta Portal or App

Whether you are a charge point owner or operator, you may have encountered issues relating to firmware updates on your hardware. Solving them would often require physically going out to the charge point location and/or using another tool outside of the Monta Portal, which is resource-consuming and disruptive.

Not being able to push firmware updates as soon as they are available increases the risk of having unstable charge points, which directly influences your customer’s experience. To ensure your charge points run smoothly at all times, you can now push firmware updates directly from the app and/or Portal for Monta-supported and tested charge point models.

A banner notification will appear at the top of the charge point’s page when an update becomes available. From there, you can trigger the update and see the update status information.

Now, you can offer a better and more stable user experience to your customers, save money and time, and optimise your work process.

This feature is supported for the following charge point brands: EN+ and Autel. More models will be added on an ongoing basis – so stay tuned!

DynamicPricing Updates

1. Define the percentage for spot pricing

Many of our enterprise clients are in a position to negotiate flexible electricity deals with their utility companies due to high electricity consumption. These deals allow them to have a mix of Spot price and Fixed price in their bill structure, e.g. 70% spot price.

If your organisation has this type of deal and you cannot specify the percentage for spot pricing, you might not be able to cover your electricity costs entirely which also affects your profit margins.

With this addition to our DynamicPricing setup, you can now define whether the spot price should be calculated as 100% or less.

You can set it up under Teams > Price Groups > Edit an existing price group or create a new one.

This gives organisations the ability to define exactly how much of their electricity costs should be covered by spot pricing, ensuring that they can effectively manage their costs and maximise profit margins.

With this update, regardless of your electricity plan, you can now rest assured your electricity costs are covered entirely and have the option to add a profit margin on top of that.

2. Set a min/max value

Our DynamicPricing feature helps you deal with fluctuating energy prices. In order to make sure you cover your costs and still offer a competitive price to your customers, you can now set a minimum and maximum threshold in DynamicPricing so the price never gets lower than the minimum or higher than the maximum.

That can be set up under Teams > Price Groups > Edit an existing price group in your settings by turning the min/max value toggle on and defining a min/max value or by creating a new price group.

We’re constantly adapting to our partners’ needs and with this feature, we ensure you can stay competitive while ensuring your own costs are covered.

Second Adyen integration is live: Payment via Vipps now available

We’ve successfully added our second payment method via Adyen: Vipps. Now, users in Norway can choose Vipps as a payment option whenever they have to pay for a charge.

With Adyen, we can now offer more local payment methods in the various markets we are active in and cater to the needs and habits of our users.

We plan on integrating with other payment methods with the next in line being Swish (Sweden), PayPal (Global), and more!

Charge Point Integrations – New models added 

We have added 12 new charge point models in the past month, making us integrated with 280 models in total now! See the full list here (available in English). 

Check out our Public Roadmap for the Monta Portal

Our Public Roadmap displays what you and fellow Monta users wish to see in the Monta Portal and the status of us turning those wishes into reality.

Feel free to submit your feature requests or improvements right there.

Explore our Public Roadmap here.

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