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Commercial electric vehicle charging stations

Attract and retain EV drivers as customers and seamlessly manage usage, pricing, and transactions with Monta.
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Profit from your electric car charging points

Turn the EV charger at your business into a new revenue stream by offering electric car charging to the public. With Monta connected to your chargers, you can easily manage pricing, users, and payments from our Portal.
  • Decide EV charging costs per kWh
  • Create different pricing for different segments
  • Transfer the revenue to your own bank account

Attract new customers with commercial charging

As more people get electric cars, having a charging point option will drive a large amount of people to your door. Provide free charging or earn a percentage of the charge, that is completely up to you. With Monta, your charge points are visible to thousands of EV drivers.
  • Attract more EV driving customers
  • Be represented on EV charging maps
  • Create a loyal customer base

Schedule EV charger availability

Easily control who has access to your charge points and when. Set your charge points on private mode and make them accessible to only members, guests or employees. Open them up to the public and let everyone use your charging stations. You're in control.
  • Reserve charge points for guests, members, or employees
  • Offer EV charging to everyone with electric cars
  • Automatically schedule when charge points are private and public
We support the most popular charge points
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Explore commercial charging benefits

New revenue streams
Profit by offering electric vehicle charging to employees, guests and other electric vehicle drivers.
Customer loyalty
Give customers a reason to come back to your business. Create a discount or even build a loyalty program for recurrent customers.
CSR programme
Show the rest of the world that you care about the environment. With charge points at your business, you're telling everyone you care about the planet and support EV adoption. Electric vehicle drivers can also use smart charging and charge with green energy only, thereby lowering the energy consumption.
Attract customers
EV drivers like convenience. With commercial charge points at your business, you will cater the growing clientele that is part of the EV adoption.

Elevate your EV charging experience with Monta.

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