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EV fleet charging

Transition to a zero-emission company fleet and use Monta to manage employee EV charging at work, home, or anywhere in between.
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Fleet charging at home, at work and on the road

Utilize Monta to let colleagues use their charging station at home, at work, and on the go. You will keep a full overview and have complete fleet management with our users experience-focused charge point management system.
  • Get access to 150.000 public charge points
  • Manage EV charging points and EV charging on the business premise
  • Manage employee home charging in your company account

Track every penny and every transaction with technology

With Monta, you will be able to get an overview of how your employees are using your charge points, as well as follow how much they are charging at public stations and even at home. Our system gives you access to an overview of money, kWh charged, CO2 saved, and more.
  • Get data and analytics from your charging infrastructure
  • Monitor how your fleet is performing
  • Follow expenses and prices for your EV fleet

Useful no matter how big or small your fleet is

With our extremely adaptable system, you will be able to manage and look over your fleet no matter the size. Scale-up and down as your needs require and give all EV drivers a good experience.
  • Full flexibility in the number of charge points and drivers connected
  • Web portal to easily look over large fleets
  • Create teams within the company to give some people certain benefits
We support the most popular charge points
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Elevate your EV 
charging experience

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