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What is Monta’s Public API

With Monta's Public API, you're no longer stuck with limited access to your EV charging data or a divide between the data and systems and tools you rely on at home. These limitations not only interfere with your personal experience but also undermine the broader mission of facilitating a successful green energy transition.

Monta’s Public API is designed for a new era of EV charging customisation. It connects your data from your Monta-integration – such as Charge Points, Charges, Vehicles –  to any system of your choice. Adapt your EV charging experience to your unique needs and conditions at home with Monta’s Public API.

The problem

The call for greater control over EV charging systems is growing stronger among homeowners. As a result, they are eager to utilize data for crafting personalized charging experiences that cater to their lifestyle, weather and energy consumption patterns. However, the existing landscape lacks the flexibility and openness necessary to democratize EV charging fully.

The solution

The Monta Public API is our response to this demand. Monta’s Public API connects your Charge Points, Charges, Vehicles’s data  to any system of your choice, laying the foundation for a bespoke EV charging experience that adapts to your unique needs and conditions.
This feature is designed for the tech-savvy end user who wants to start a charge at home only when certain conditions are met, such as house meter values, sunlight level, usage of home appliances, energy prices, point in time or days in week.
With the Public API, we're putting the power of data and choice in your hands. Monta’s API enables users to build their own solution and integrate into multiple platforms like Home Assistant, Bosch Home Connect, Apple Home, Google Home, SmartThings, Home Connect and many more.
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Who is it for?

Monta Public API is designed for tech-savvy homeowners and smart home enthusiasts owning their EV charge points and craving a personalized charging experience.
This tool is especially beneficial for those who are passionate about smart home automation and energy management. As time goes on, we'll have even more convenient options like plug-in solutions, including integrations with popular tools like 'Home Assistant'. That means anyone using 'Home Assistant' can effortlessly connect with Monta, regardless of their technical expertise. In the meantime, Monta's Public API is there to serve our tech-savvy users who are familiar with working with APIs.
Keep exploring and stay tuned for exciting updates!

What Monta Public API can do for you

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Automated Monta Charger Integration

Seamlessly integrate your Monta-powered home charger with your preferred smart home platform, and automate charging based on conditions like sun level, house meter value, etc.

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Vehicle-to-Home Integration

Coming soon!

Connect your Monta-integrated vehicle to your preferred smart home platform, and use its data to control your home automation – for instance, trigger a red light if your vehicle battery is below 20%.

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Visualize Charge Transactions

Import and visualize your charge transactions in your smart home platform to gain a deeper understanding of your costs and consumption trends.

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Empowerment via Monta’s Public API

With Monta’s Public API, you are in charge. Harness your data to create the integrations and automations that best serve your needs and actively contribute to the energy transition. After all, it's your data, and you should be the one to dictate its use.

Find the full API documentation, from guides to API references in our Public API Developer Hub. Discover the potential, empower your applications, and transform your tech journey with us today!

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Is Monta's Public API free to use?

Yes, Monta's Public API is free to use. We are committed to democratising EV charging and believe that providing a Public API is a vital step in achieving that mission. Our aim is to empower users and make EV charging more accessible to all.

Are there any established integrations that everyone could benefit from (e.g. integration with Home Assistant)?

Yes, Monta has plans to provide established integrations that can benefit a wider range of users. For example, they are working on an integration with 'Home Assistant', a popular smart home platform. This means that anyone using 'Home Assistant' will be able to effortlessly connect with Monta, regardless of their technical expertise. Stay tuned for more updates on these integrations.

What prerequisites do I need to fulfill in order to use the Public API?

Before using the Public API, please ensure the following prerequisites are fulfilled:
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Have Monta installed on your charge point: Make sure you have Monta's software installed and functioning on your EV charge point.

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Identify the tools, appliances, or systems you want to integrate or automate: Determine the specific tools, appliances, or systems that you wish to integrate with Monta's Public API and have a clear understanding of how you want them to interact.

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Familiarity with API calls: Basic knowledge and understanding of making API calls will be neccesary in effectively utilizing Monta's Public API.

How do I access Monta's Public API?

To access and use Monta's Public API, you can refer to our comprehensive API documentation available at this link: The documentation provides all the necessary details and instructions for accessing and utilizing the API.

Do I need to be a developer to use the Public API?

While Monta's Public API is primarily targeted at tech-savvy users, they aim in the longterm is to provide convenient options for integration, including plug-in solutions. This means that even users without extensive development experience can connect with Monta, especially with planned integrations like 'Home Assistant'. However, currently, the Public API is better suited for users familiar with working with APIs.

What is the difference between Monta's Partner API and Public API?

Monta's Public API and Partner API serve different user groups. The Public API is designed for individual users, particularly tech-savvy homeowners and smart home enthusiasts who want to customize their EV charging experience at home. On the other hand, the Partner API is intended for enterprise clients, offering more comprehensive integration capabilities and advanced features.

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