Set up a cost price group in Monta Portal

Estimate the cost of charging by setting up a cost price group in Monta Portal.
Last updated: 8 November, 2022
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Do you want to estimate how much electricity costs for your charge point to operate? With the cost price group in Monta Portal, you will be able approximately track the electricity expense of your charge point.

1. Navigate to the Team, where the charge points are located

Click on "Teams" and then select the Team, where you want to create the cost price group.

click teams open team monta portal

2. Select price groups and click to add new one

click price group click add new monta portal

3. Select to create a cost group

select cost group monta portal

4. Set up the cost group

Give a distinctive name of your cost group in the first field. You can also select what type of cost group to create by clicking on the right side menu.

select type of price group monta portal

Cost group by kWh or Min

If you select to add a cost by kWh or minute, the number that you enter in the Master price section, will be applied for each kWh or minute someone has charged on the charge point. This will be visible in your charge point reports you can download from Portal.

kwh cost group monta portal

Cost group by Spot price

If you pay electricity, using spot price, you are also able to set this up.

For this, Monta will take the market price of electricity from Nordpool. You are also able to add additional costs to the spot price you pay, such as tariffs, etc. Remember to click on "Save".

spot cost group monta portal

5. Apply the cost price group

Now, you need to apply the price group you just created.

Navigate to "Cost group"

Click on "Cost group" on the right side menu, which will lead you to the cost price groups. Then, click on the three dots and select "Apply to charge points and sites".

select and open cost group to apply monta portal

Apply the cost price group

Here, you can select where to apply the cost group. You can do this by selecting either specific charge points or whole sites.

Once you have applied the cost group, this will appear in the charging report of the charge point/site.

Complete the process, by clicking on "Save".

select charge points and save monta portal

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