My Wallbox charge point is disconnected

If there are issues with your Wallbox disconnecting and not being able to connect it again (pair it back to Monta), there can be several reasons for this to happen.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 23 March, 2023

Check the strength and stability of wifi

This often happens due to poor wifi coverage. Please make sure that you have strong wifi connection and are physically close to the box itself to ensure a strong bluetooth connection while integrating it with Monta. 

Check the newest software update

If you have an 'older' software of your Wallbox, the charge point disconnects due to poor signal strength - and then never connects back again. You can update your Wallbox software by logging in here: with your login details. Once logged in, check if the update is available.

Update your Wallbox to the newest version and restart your charger.

You should be able to see if you are running on the latest version of the software here:

Check your OCPP settings

Please go to the Wallbox portal and then the OCPP settings of your charge point. The server there should be Monta’s address. The charge point serial number (Ladepunktidentitet) should be your charge point’s serial number, which usually is the word “Wallbox”, followed by six numbers. In the password field, please insert any letters or numbers, for example “1”.

Here is an example of what you should write in the fields.

Server: wss://

Ladepunktidentitet: WallboxNNNNNN

Password: 1

After completing these steps, please click on “Save” or “Gem”.

Please note that this will restart the OCPP connection between your charge point and Monta and it will take a few minutes until you are connected to us again.

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