Set a delayed start for your SmartCharge session

This guide shows you how to delay the start of your SmartCharge session.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 23 March, 2023

Delayed start allows you to create a specific time window in which your SmartCharge session will take place.

Please note that the charge could start later than the time selected depending on your settings. The "start after" is just the earliest point, when the charging session can begin. The charging will happen between the start and end time.

1. Select "SmartCharge" section, click on "End time"

select smartcharge click on endtime

2. Toggle on "Delayed start" and select the time

When you toggle the "Delayed start" option, you will be able to select a start and end time of your session.

toggle delayed set time click save app

3. Swipe to schedule the SmartCharge session

Now you are able to see the charging window, in which your car will charge.

It is time to swipe the toggle to start, and your SmartCharge session will be scheduled.

see time to start swipe to schedule the charge
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