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The perfect software for EV charging hardware

Grow your sales and end customer base with Monta's software in your charge points.
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How Monta can help you as a hardware manufacturer

Empower your customers
Help your customers win bigger EV charging deals with Monta's charge point management system.
Upsell to partners
As your customers win bigger deals with Monta's CMS, they will increase their hardware orders from your shop.
Grow your customers' business
When growing your customers' business, you strengthen your partnerships and increase your revenue

Join the fastest growing EV charging platform in Europe

successful charges
this month
2 335
charge points added
this month
charges performed
this month
7 919
tons of CO2 saved
in total

Monta's software with your hardware

With Monta's charge point management system, your customers can provide better EV charging solutions for businesses, communities, and private EV drivers. More business to your customers means more business to you.
  • Collect payment through Monta's back office and manage end-to-end transactions
  • Set charge point pricing, availability, and manage users
  • Keep track of their entire EV charging business in one platform

Open a new channel for your customers

By being compatible with Monta, our network of charge point operators, installers, etc., will sell your charge points to end-users.
  • Be an all-in-one solution for your customer and end-users by providing a charge point and charging management system from the factory
  • Gain popularity among our network as you make customers' and end-users' lives easier
  • Earn more sales with your amazing product and our attractive software

Manage firmware updates and other patching

We work continuously to give your end-customers a better experience and product, so new features and updates are going to be coming your way regularly.
  • Get updates produced specifically for functionality and from customer feedback
  • Automatic updates via our OCPP connection
  • Your hardware will always be running on the latest firmware version
We support the most popular charge points
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Elevate your EV charging experience with Monta.

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