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Grow your CPO business with Monta

Keep your EV charging business in one place, customize your customers' charging solutions and win bigger deals with Monta.
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How Monta can help you as an operator

Manage your EV charging customers
Manage all of your EV charging customers in one portal and keep track of users, charge point status and much more.
Offer new services to customers
Upsell to your existing customers by creating new services they are asking for.
Secure & safe payment system
Easily manage payments and transactions between users, charge point owners and your own business.
Grow your EV charging business
Turbocharge your business with Monta as a subcontractor when bidding on big EV charging projects.

One place for all your EV charging customers

Access all of your clients' charge point information from one platform. Monta provides the full overview of your EV charging customers, their users and charge points.
See all your customers as teams or individual users
Invite members or remove users on behalf of your customers
See their charging history

Elevate your EV charging experience with Monta.

Join the fastest growing EV charging platform in Europe

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Customise your customers' charging solutions

With Monta, you can tailor your customers' charge points to fit their own needs. Manage pricing, availability, usage, users, and more, straight from the Portal. Turn on notifications to always be on top of your customers' charge point status.
  • Manage charge point pricing
  • Schedule charge point availability
  • Get real-time status notifications

User-friendly and secure payment system

The monta portal automatically manages payments between EV drivers, charge point owners and operators. Transactions are updated in real-time in the Portal meaning you will always have the full financial overview of your business.
  • Transactions happen instantly and are updated in real-time
  • Invoice customers directly from the Portal
  • Get the financial overview of your business

Win bigger EV charging projects with Monta

You can easily bid on bigger EV charging projects with Monta. While you provide the hardware and installation, you can use the Monta software to tailor the EV charging solution to your customers.
  • Bid on bigger projects with more requirements
  • Run the bidding process yourself
  • Offer an all-in-one EV charging solution to your customers

Monta is 100% software

Monta is software only when it comes to EV charging. And we keep developing new features to help you win more business. Monta can help you stand out from the competition by accessing our exclusive features.
  • Load balancing
  • Easy administration of groups
  • Flexible pricing
  • Smart Queue
We support the most popular charge points
See the full list

Elevate your EV charging experience with Monta.

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