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The charging platform built to EV better

Monta is the ultimate platform powering the entire EV charging ecosystem. From drivers, to businesses, to industry partners, we offer software solutions that cover all EV charging needs.

A product suite designed for the entire EV charging industry

For site owners and solution providers

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The ultimate command centre for all your EV charging operations.


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Scalable charge point management

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Streamlined financial operations

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Customisable site access

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Tailored EV fleet management

For EV drivers

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The digital companion for any 
EV charging experience—at home and on the road.


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Access to 500 000+ charge points

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470+ charge point models

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Save money on every charge

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Control charge point access

For industry partners

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Custom portals built specifically for partners in the EV charging industry.


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Hardware portal

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Roaming portal

Coming soon!

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Installer portal

Coming soon!

Connecting all the dots in the EV ecosystem

Monta’s product suite is carefully designed to offer flexibility and transparency, allowing everyone to maintain control over their EV charging experience.

What sets us apart is that we tackle the complexities of the ecosystem in a truly technological way, providing a tailored software solution for all things EV.

We’re 100% committed to making EV charging software that’s convenient, transparent and dependable for all.

So whether you're a driver who wants the best charging experience, a business looking to add or scale your charging operations, or an industry partner wanting to level up your offering with future-proof software—Monta is setting the standard across the EV ecosystem.

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Trusted by industry partners worldwide

The ultimate EV toolkit

Monta Toolkit

Leading the charge towards EV excellence

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Successful charging rate


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Charges per month


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Charge points added per month

19 297

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Tons of CO2 saved

123 570

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Industry partners


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Supported charge point models


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Roaming charge points

500 000

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Your charger, our software

Our software solutions work seamlessly with over 470+ charger models. Our rigorous testing process ensures that these models will deliver a high quality charging experience when connected to Monta. So whether you have 10 chargers or 1000, our platform has the flexible solution you need to succeed.

With Monta, you get the best of both worlds. You can use your preferred charger models, while enjoying software that is both OCPP-compliant and completely independent from hardware constraints. Our team is all about being future-proof, so we’re always adding new charger models.

So no matter the charger brand or model, Monta's software provides your business with the ultimate flexibility.

Your business deserves more than a one-size- fits-all solution. No matter your existing or future setup, our platform has the solution you need to succeed.

Got a question?

Explore our Help Center for helpful guides and tips. Can't find what you're looking for? You can always reach out to our Customer Support Team through live chat or email.

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Connecting the dots 
in the entire EV ecosystem.

Our mission is to support the transition towards a more sustainable future by helping people and businesses go (and stay!) electric.

Our expertise allows us to truly tackle the complexities of the EV ecosystem and offer the most reliable and comprehensive product suite. At the end of the day, all we want is to give and provide all our users the best and most successful EV charging experiences. Whether they’re drivers, businesses, utility companies—you name it.

Monta is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and has offices in London, Berlin, Oslo, and Paris. Our platform isn’t only powered by cutting-edge software, but the passion and expertise of our 280 team members (and counting).

Join Monta and let’s power the change together!

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