We're Monta, and we're building the future of EV charging

Founded in 2020, we were born of frustration with the EV market. How is it possible to drive around in an electric car packed with cutting-edge technology, while the charging experience is limited to practically a start and stop function?

That was the beginning of Monta: We’re a new layer of technology that brings together installers, operators, service providers, EV drivers and businesses with charge points. 

At our core, we make EV charging simple, accessible and reliable. And we are laying the ground for a scalable and sustainable EV infrastructure.

We’re tech at heart. Everything is fully automated and our work is based on open-source technologies that drive innovation and help our planet.

Meet the founders

 Anders Pedersen & Casper Rasmussen 
Anders Pedersen, CCSO and co-founder of Monta with Casper Rasmussen, CEO and co-founder of Monta.
Casper worked as the global CTO in MonstarLab overseeing more than 800 engineers worldwide. He developed, streamlined and strengthened the company’s global tech strategy through best-practice sharing and continuous employee development.

Prior to establishing Monta, Anders was a project manager at a leading tech house where he was responsible for the company’s most important projects and clients. He was part of the team that helped grow the company to 30+ people.
Casper Rasmussen, CEO @Monta
“One thing that’s been missing in the EV movement is a dedicated focus on elevating the charging experience. We want people and businesses to take full control over their charge points. Whether that’s automated charging, sharing charge points or commercializing a whole fleet of charging stations, they should be able to customize as they see fit”

Our promise to you: We’re future-proof

Monta is a tech company. We will always have technology at the core of everything we do because it’s the only way to offer true value in a constantly changing world. As of now we’re already preparing for the next phase in electric vehicle technology: Big Battery, Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and other technologies are on our roadmap – and we’re just getting started.

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