Commercial EV charging solution

Monta enables EV drivers to charge at your retail location with ease. List your commercial property on the Monta network and attract new customers to your stores.

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Maximum flexibility, zero administration

Monta gives you a modular, simple, and reliable charging management solution while eliminating admin work.

  • Choose between private or public access
  • Set different pricing for any customer segment
  • Enable queuing for maximum charge point use
  • Flexible pricing by time of day

Increase customer loyalty with custom incentives

Monta's wallet and vouchers allows you to create incentives for your customers.

  • Create custom vouchers for your different customer segments
  • Offer free or discounted charging for your most loyal customers
  • Give out charge keys as rewards
  • Real time overview of your expenses and charge point activity
Charge Points

Simplified EV charging

Charging on the Monta platform is easy and accessible.

  • Your charge points are visible on the Monta network
  • App Clips and Instant Apps allow non-Monta users to charge
  • Ultimate flexibility thanks to multiple payment options

Offer a superior charging experience

Keep your customers happy with a great charging experience combined with terrific service.

  • Everyone can see when a charge point is available
  • EV drivers can reserve charge points as needed
  • Market leading charge point stability of 98%
  • Users can access Monta's 24/7 chat support

Elevate your EV charging experience

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Elevate your EV charging experience with Monta

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