Manage EV fleet charging at any scale

Monta supports the charging needs of electric fleets of all types and sizes. Keep your EV fleet on the move with our complete EV fleet management solution.

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Complete control and flexibility, zero administration

Monta helps you stay in full control of your fleet while eliminating tedious admin tasks.

  • Fleet drivers can reserve charge points
  • Keep your EV fleet always charged
  • Monta supports zero-emission fleets of any size and type. With Monta, your EV fleet is always ready

The only true solution for keeping your EV fleet on the move

Monta ensures your EV fleet is ready whenever your drivers are.

  • Ensure maximum charge point utilisation
  • Market-leading charging stability of 98%
  • Access 200,000+ charge points in our roaming network

Unlock the best-in-class EV charging experience

Keep your employees happy and charged with great features.

  • Eliminate range anxiety with booking and queuing
  • Remove bottlenecks in seconds
  • 24/7 customer support ready to help

Simple, scalable solutions

Monta ensures that your EV fleet operation is ready for today’s needs, while also provides a solution that scales for future requirements.

  • Invite employees with ease
  • Set up new chargers as needed
  • Full dynamic load balancing

Elevate your EV charging experience

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Elevate your EV charging experience with Monta

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