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Monta is the software layer that enables great end-to-end EV charging experiences on top of your hardware installation.
Sell, deploy, and operate charge points to serve all your clients. With Monta, from now on, you can turn your installation and hardware sales into a new business line by generating recurring revenue.

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With Monta all your customers can manage their charge point

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Home charging

Get access to smart charging, sharing and usage statistics.
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Housing associations

Charging solution for residents and guests, with different prices and access.
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Hotels and restaurants

Offer the best charging experience for guests and employees.
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Easy and user-friendly management of charge points, company cars, fleet management and more.
  • Monta is at the forefront of new features

    When we decided to scale and make more proposals to municipalities, it was natural for us to go with Monta. It is quite intuitive, which makes it easy to establish new charge points and price charges. It is also great to see that Monta is often at the forefront of new features like dynamic pricing and tariffs. But even beyond the software, it is a pleasure to work with the people at Monta; we get outstanding and super quick support every time we apply for tenders and are kept up to date when new features are introduced. We are very happy with our choice and expect to be working with Monta for many more years to come.
    Jesper Anton Nicolaisen portrait

    Jesper Antoni Nicolaisen

    Head of charge point infrastructure, Ewii
  • The tariffs feature has been a game changer

    Our goal at NRGi is to be transparent and offer a great service to our customers. Since electricity can be a complicated matter, the new tariffs feature has been a game changer for us, solving problems of being able to set the correct prices for our customers, especially for those offering sponsored charge points. We’ve received positive feedback from those using it so far and overall, it has been a great experience to be able to accommodate customer requests together with Monta. We are excited for what’s to come.
    Trine Gisselbaek portrait

    Trine Gisselbæk

    Business Development Manager, NRGi

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