Drive with us at the speed of light

We are always on the lookout for dedicated and committed colleagues, who want to create something new and different, within the realm of EV driving, with us.
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We're diverse, open-minded and honest

Our offices are filled with incredibly talented people - that's no surprise. We were built with our core values in mind, diversity, and inclusion being a pillar for our team.

We are internationally minded, with people from all over the world allowing us to have a global scope in our product and how we go about it. If you feel the same way we do about the team we put together, we would love to hear from you.
Monta Culture

Work with us, not for us

Waking up every morning knowing that we're making our customers' lives easier and having a real effect on the planet drives us forward - no pun intended.

If you want to be part of a trusting, passionate and talented group of people, join us in our goal of reducing the CO2 footprint. Check out our latest career opportunities and benefits below.



You can choose your working hours - you know when you perform best.

Choose your space

Remote work is encouraged while still coming to the office to feel part of the team.

Maternity and paternity leave

Paid leave in connection with pregnancy, childbirth and adoption.

Stay curious

Take a course, go to a conference or buy books. Let us help you with what you need to keep growing as a professional and person.

Monta car

Everything we do, we do for the planet and our clients - but we want our Monteers to have the same experience we worked so hard to build. That's why we have 2 office EVs for them to take when they want.

Team bonding time

Either during breaks in the office or over a beer at a Friday bar, we encourage Monteers to socialize and enjoy their time together.

Our values

Output led work

People have different priorities in different stages of their life and career, and culture adapts to the different needs people have. We want out employees to be happy with their lives, so we don't look at times and hours put in, but quality of output.

Trust & transparency

This goes both ways - we want our employees to talk to us openly about what can change their performance at the job. Employees have personal responsibility, but we also promise sharing information openly - such as salaries and benefits of other employees.

Green transformation

The mobility industry is going through a huge green wave, and our founders have made a pledge to make Monta a carbon neutral company, without sacrificing running a successful business.

Tech driven

By picking the technical solution every time, it's possible to prioritize the digitalization of the charging process. As features evolve, we want to stay one step ahead and win over the public.

Diversity and inclusion

We know that a person is much more than their gender and ethnicity, and it is in the richness of backgrounds that creatitivty thrives. Wanting to create a diverse environment is more than checking boxes - it is bringing extremely talented people together so they can engage in creative discussions.

We want to create a setting where everyone is embraced as their own selves to facilitate the growth of ideas.

Job openings

We are always on the lookout for dedicated and commited colleagues, who want to create something new and different, within the realm of EV driving.
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