Monta features / Double dynamic load balancing

Double dynamic load balancing

Through the use of a smart meter, you can use Monta to account for fluctuations in power demand on a shared power supply, such as a building.
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Within Monta’s Portal, you can set up:

  • Total available amps (63 A)
  • Data source (Enegic, Meter connected to Charge Point, etc)
  • Placement of meter (with or without the charge points’ consumption)
  • Buffer to keep the charge points from exceeding the power supply
  • Fail-safe that lowers the charge points, if the connection is lost
  • Fail-safe activation period (the time intervals between when Monta receives data)
With this data, you can optimize the power supply at a given site, and use any hardware that supports load balancing. 
How Double Dynamic Load Balancing Works

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