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Monta is the software layer that enables great end-to-end EV charging experiences. Sell, deploy and operate charge points to serve all your clients. Your customers deserve the best-in-class charging platform, and Monta offers no less.

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Scale your business

Monta wouldn’t be Monta without the continued success of our partners. We are committed to helping our partners grow with us by offering the best possible technology and opportunities.

  • Use Monta with most charge point brands and models
  • Start offering subscriptions and additional services
  • Easily onboard and manage your commercial and private customers
  • Take on more and bigger clients with Monta

Full & intuitive control of charge points

Managing charge points should be easy and effective, so that you can focus your resources on growing your business.

  • Set automated rules for private, semi-public or public access for individual chargers or entires sites
  • Set dynamic pricing according to your own rules: different times or groups of drivers, static or following the spot price of energy
  • Take advantage of automation to reduce maintenance needs and increase charge point availability

The Monta partner toolkit

Monta Business Toolkit
Charging Experience

Best-in-class charging experience

The charging experience can be frustrating. Monta reduces as much friction as possible with the latest technology.

  • With the Monta map or QR codes, drivers get access to charging without having to download an app
  • Easy payment options via smartphone with Apple and Google Pay
  • 98% charging stability, compared to the industry average of 85%
  • Self-healing algorithm and remote rebooting ensures higher availability

Powered by Monta

Stay ahead of the competition. Enhance your hardware capabilities with the most robust charge point management software.

  • Offer advanced yet simple to use software features on your charge point hardware
  • Keep up with market needs & regulations through Monta software
  • Sell Monta-ready charge points with QR codes and no special setup
  • Engineering support for OCPP compliance

Elevate your EV charging experience

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Elevate your EV charging experience with Monta

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