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Sell fully integrated EV charging solutions using the best charge point management platform.

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Maximise charge point sales

Generate additional revenue by offering unparalleled user experience and access to Monta's partnership network.

  • Delight your customers through a superior user experience

  • Sell more through Monta's existing partners

  • Participate in re-sell revenues

Improve performance and functionality

You gain valuable access to deep insights and benchmarks with Monta's hardware portal.

  • Get real-world data directly from the end-users

  • Turn user feedback into new features through automatic software updates

  • Navigate an increasingly complex market with ease

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Avoid internal development costs

Monta's engineering expertise will help you slash product development costs and accelerate time to market.

  • Our engineers have plenty of expertise building world-class products

  • We follow and adhere to OCPP best-practices

  • Become a leader in tech adoption

Powered by Monta

Hardware manufacturers build and successfully sell fully integrated charging solutions with Monta preloaded.

  • Leverage our robust and highly-rated charging platform

  • Navigate an increasingly complex market with ease

  • Strengthen your brand reputation with co-branded campaigns and mentions

Charge Point Hardware

Elevate your EV charging experience

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Elevate your EV charging experience with Monta

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