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Have you ever wondered what your costs for charging at home are? The cost of the electricity used for EV charging at home.

If so, you are not alone. Like many other Monta users, you found that you can see useful information in the Insights screen of the Monta app. However, these insights didn’t tell you the cost of home charging specifically, but only what you’ve spent when charging on other charge points while using Monta.

In this era, transparency is a must, and not simply a nice-to-have offering. We are doing our part to give you more visibility into your home charger: the cost of charging and monthly summaries of the total expenditure. All at your fingertips, thanks to our updated Insights screen.

An interesting Background Story

We’ve been getting requests for better insights into the actual cost of charging your car at home. Until now, our Insights screen hasn’t been able to show the cost of home charging, but only what you’ve spent when charging via Monta on other charge points.

Our users told us of the pain and trouble they had to go through in order to track their home charging cost: for example, setting up a price on their own home charger and summarising the spendings manually. As much as we loved hearing about these smart and creative workarounds, we built a much better solution for you to make cost tracking a pleasurable experience with no fuss involved.

Introducing the new Insights Screen for home users

Along with a revamp of our Insights section, we’ve added Cost groups. With the insights revamp and the addition of cost groups, users will soon be able to add a cost tracker to their charge points, based on either spot price or a fixed rate per kWh to cover their actual electricity cost. 

This is what you’ll be able to see in the new Insights view:

  • Total Sessions
  • Total kWh charged
  • CO2 saved on SmartCharge
  • Money saved on SmartCharge
  • Total costs
  • Total avg kWh price

The insights tab has been split into two:

  • The Public charging view shows all charge sessions you’ve done on charge points that you don’t own. 
  • The Home charging view shows your charge sessions on charge points that belong to a personal team where you are the owner or admin.

For more details on the new insights screen for home users, read our product update blog post from this month.

Better representation of actual costs

Better representation of actual costs of charging privately is valuable information for users. You don’t have to wonder how much of your electricity bill is for EV charging vs. the rest of the household’s expenditure. 

The Monta backend platform can analyse all this information, so why should you do it? This feature was requested and inspired by our users and their workarounds. Keep talking to us – together we can make EV charging better.


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