The 20 longest range electric cars

by Meg Parker | November 22, 2021

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Electric vehicles (EVs) are easier than ever to find on our streets, with an ever-increasing uptake that is leading today’s 1.7m global sales to 54m sales by 2040. This is not a coincidence: among others, one of the main factors boosting the growth is the progressive improvement in the electric vehicle driving range.

It is no secret that driving range is one of the most decisive elements when it comes to choosing a new electric vehicle. With that in mind, we invite you to explore the top 20 longest range electric cars on the market!

What is the electric vehicle driving range?

Electric vehicle driving range is the maximum distance one can drive on a single battery charge.

How much electric vehicle driving range do you need?

As a matter of fact, an average electric vehicle with a single charge has a range of 160-200 km. This should be enough for short trips and regular daily commutes. 

The vast majority of EVs can therefore cover a large enough distance to support the majority of Europeans during their daily commutes (it is estimated to be about 29 km per day). 

Factors affecting electric vehicle driving range

When it comes to electric car driving range, there is a number of factors that have a direct effect on it. More specifically:

  • The way and how fast you drive your car.
  • Temperature and weather conditions.
  • Long mountain climbs.
  • Extra weight in the car. 
  • Usage of car’s features ( AC, Electric seats, etc).
  • Tire width and pressure. 
  • The overall condition of the car and battery.

Keep in mind then that the longest indicated range can differ from an actual driving range. For the most you should watch your driving style.

So, let me ask you: what kind of driver are you? Are you a gentle driver or do you always put your pedal to the metal? The way you drive directly impacts your car’s driving range.

If you are scared of running out of battery, make sure to get one of the longest range EVs or drive more effectively to get the most out of your electric vehicle. Even if today’s average range might seem to be sufficient, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Therefore, most of the buyers want to purchase an EV featuring a range that exceeds their estimated needs.

Image by: MyEV

Electric vehicle driving range is getting better

Of course, automakers are always looking for new improvements, and are in race to meet the ever-increasing demand for better performances and technologies. All these improvements are also geared towards improving the electric car driving range.

Electric vehicles nowadays feature:

  • Better and bigger batteries
  • More efficient motors 
  • Regenerating braking systems
  • Improved aerodynamics 
  • More economical appliances

Curious to know which carmakers perform the best when it comes to electric car range? Then keep on reading and check our top 20 EVs with the most impressive battery ranges!

Which Electric vehicle has the longest range up to date?

Please note: EVs have been ranked according to WLTP data. As for any other vehicle, it is not possible to always drive in the best conditions. Real-life situations inevitably affect the estimated number of km.

Image by: Automative News Europe

20. BMW i3

Defined as “the best small premium EV you can buy“, BMW’s i3 might not be on top of the list – but it is surely worth a look. You might find that its top driving range of 310 km is not that impressive compared to other giants in the list, but it surely reserves BMW a spot in the top 20.

Release date: November 2018

Average expected range: 235 km

WLTP range: 310 km

Pricefrom DKK 279.500 (£ 33.905)

Image by: TopGear

19. Peugeot e-208

The new Peugeot e-208 is just like the regular Peugeot 208 we all know and love – but fully electric.
The mix of elegance, modernity, and practicality, combined with a top driving range of 340 km certainly makes it stand out from the pack.

Release date: September 2019

Average expected range: 275 km

Top WLTP range: 340 km

Pricefrom DKK 239.990 (£ 29.117)

Image by: Auto Express

18. Nissan LEAF e+

Nissan’s EV history can boast an incredible number of satisfied customers. This year is going to be no different thanks to the new LEAF e+, an EV that will certainly live up to expectations with a remarkable top driving range of 378 km.

Release date: January 2019

Average expected range: 325 km

Top WLTP range: 378 km

Pricefrom DKK 289.900 (£35.173)

Image by: CarAndDriver

17. New Renault ZOE

Renault has really won the jackpot with its fully electric New ZOE.

ZOE’s good quality-price ratio and a top driving range of 385 km have stolen many drivers’ hearts, making it Europe’s second best-selling EV in September 2020. Renault also gives drivers the ability to estimate their actual driving range on their website.

Release date: January 2020

Average expected range: 310 km

Top WLTP range: 393 km

Pricefrom DKK 219.900 (£26.679)

Image by: CAR magazine

16. Mercedes-Benz EQC

With its EQC, Mercedes wanted to offer the same driving experience that has always distinguished its SUVs, with the added value of a silent engine. Mercedes has been cautious in introducing an EV on the market – but its 408 horsepower and a top driving range of 417 km is proof that they have really hit the mark.

Release date: June 2019

Average expected range: 370 km

Top WLTP range: 410 km

Pricefrom DKK 619.900 (£75.226)

Image by: Car and Driver

15. Chevrolet Bolt EV 2020

With a top driving range of 417 km and rather affordable pricing, Chevrolet is on the right track towards making the electric transition more accessible to a wider public with its Bolt EV 2020 model. Chevrolet has also launched a mobile app to improve its clients’ driving experience.

Release date: August 2020

Average expected range: 370 km

Top WLTP range: 417 km

Price: From: DKK 245.000 (£29.738)

Image by: Car and Driver

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14. Volvo XC40 Recharge P8

Volvo has set an ambitious plan for the upcoming future and aims to become climate-neutral by 2040. In order to achieve so, Volvo has launched XC40 Recharge P8, its first offering on the greener market. This fully electric compact SUV stands out for its top driving range of 418 km and its being environmentally friendly.

Release date: October 2020

Average expected range:: 325 km

Top WLTP range: 418 km

Price: From DKK 393.080 (£47.713)

Image by: Electrive

13. Audi e-tron Sportback 55

We are all about Audi’s “concept clarity philosophy”. Through an immediately recognizable style, Audi deliberately decides to stay true to itself with its e-tron Sportback 55. The goal is to make Audi’s regular SUV drivers slowly transition into the EV world, and with a top driving range of 437 km, this is bound to be a success!

Release date: April 2020

Average expected range:: 375 km

Top WLTP range: 437 km

Price: from DKK 898.580 (£109.072)

Image by: EV Database

12. Hyundai KONA Electric

Hyundai appears among the top EV producers with its innovative e-KONA, an exciting, reasonably priced compact SUV with an impressive top driving range of 449 km. The combination of moderate sizing with such a remarkable range makes Hyundai e-KONA the perfect EV for everyday use.

Release date: December 2018

Average expected range:: 400 km

Top WLTP range: 449 km

Price: DKK 294.995 (£35.809)

Image by: The Verge

Did you know? You can lose more than 50% of your EV range during the winter and gain 25% more range during the spring. Find out the reasons why in our informative article about how temperature affects EV range.

11. Porsche Taycan Turbo

Taycan Turbo is Porsche’s first take on electric cars – and it has not been a shy one. Taycan Turbo’s top driving range of 450 km makes sure that it has nothing to envy to any other petrol-powered members of the Porsche family. And with Porsche’s range indicator, you can also determine in advance the estimated range for your journey.

Release date: November 2020

Average expected range:: 400 km

Top WLTP range: 450 km

Price: DKK 1.449.992 (£176.012)

Image by: Autocar

10. Kia e-Niro

Praised for its impressive design and comfort, spacious SUV Kia e-Nero makes it to the top 10 thanks to its astonishing top driving range of 455 km. E-Niro is the perfect family-sized crossover to enjoy the perks of driving electric.

Release date: June 2020

Average expected range:: 370 km

Top WLTP range: 455 km

Price: DKK 279.999 (£33.988)

Image by: Auto Express

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9. Porsche Taycan 4S Plus

Porsche has proven on multiple occasions how it has been able to embrace the electric revolution in a smooth and natural way. Taycan 4S Plus is surely their finest attempt at it – and its top driving range of 463 km makes us thrilled to see what the future will bring.

Release date: November 2020

Average expected range:: 400 km

Top WLTP range: 463 km

Price: from DKK 972.558 (£118.035)

Image by: EV compare

8.  Jaguar i-pace

Jaguar makes it to the top 10 in the battle of the longest range EV by presenting Jaguar i-pace, its bold, all-electric luxury SUV that can boast an incredible top driving range of 470 km and an incredibly powerful engine. Thanks to its innovative design, Jaguar i-pace has won the prestigious title of World Car of the Year at the 2019 World Car Awards.

Release date: June 2018

Average expected range:: 365 km

Top WLTP range: 470 km

Price: DKK 574.900 (£69.766)

Image by: Car Buyer

7. Polestar 2

But Jaguar is not alone in 10th position: once a partner of Volvo, a new electric car company has entered the EV scene – and with its performance-focused spirit and a  remarkable top driving range of 470 km, Polestar 2 cannot go unnoticed.

Release date: August 2020

Average expected range:: 400 km

Top WLTP range: 470 km

Price: DKK 470.000 (£57.064)

Image by: Autocar

6. Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

Based on Tesla’s Model 3, Model Y is a compact SUV about to enter the scene in the upcoming year. Its expected top driving range of 505 km makes Tesla the first on the list to break the 500 km wall.

Release date: 2021

Average expected range:: 425 km

Top WLTP range: 505 km

Price: from DKK: 281.050 (£34.123) (only preorder and subjected to taxes) 

Image by: MotorTrend

5. Volkswagen ID.3 Pro S

If you take a look at Volkswagen’s ID.3 Pro S, you will immediately notice how the car portrays the classic VW style, with the plus of being completely electric. And if ID.3’s top driving range of 550 km wasn’t enough to convince you, Volkswagen has launched a unique app to help you know if you are ready to go electric. Also, ID.3 was the best-selling electric vehicle (EV) across Europe in October 2020.

Release date: July 2020

Average expected range:: 450 km

Top WLTP range: 550 km

Price: from DKK 340.915 (£41.376)

Image by: Electrive

4. Tesla Model X Long Range

Tesla’s Model X Long Range Plus is most definitely not a conventional SUV. With room for seven and falcon-wing doors, Tesla claims it to be one of the quickest and safest SUVs ever. And not only that: its top driving range of 597 km puts it all the way up into the fourth place of the ranking.

Release date: February 2020

Average expected range:: 440 km

Top WLTP range: 507 km

Price: DKK 828.080 (£100.486)

Image by: EV Database

3. Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD

In third place comes Tesla with its Model 3 Long Range AWD, a smaller cousin of the S and X models. Among all Tesla products, Model 3 is also the most affordable. But knowing Tesla, that doesn’t mean compromising performances, bringing a top driving range of 570 km and making it Europe’s best selling EV in September 2020.

Release date: 2020-2021

Average expected range:: 455 km

Top WLTP range: 570 km

Price: DKK 379.900 (£46.100)

Image by: Automobile Propre

2. 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E ER

In terms of driving range, Ford has nothing to envy to its competitors. Its 610 km top driving range takes Mustang Mach-E ER right in top 2. If you want to be extra sure about what your average range will look like, Ford also offers the chance to plan your travel and see how far Mustang Mach-E will take you.

Release date: 2021

Average expected range: 440 km

Top WLTP range: 610 km

Price: DKK 451.897 (£54.840)

Image by: Omvas

1. Tesla Model S Long Range Plus

The moment we have all been waiting for! Tesla is dreaming of a zero-emission future – and so far it has done amazing to achieve it. The American automaker makes in fact one more appearance and finally tops the list with its Model S Long Range Plus and its incredible top driving range of 647 km

Release date: August 2020

Average expected range: 540 km

Top WLTP range: 647 km

Price: DKK 734.140 (£89.086)

Image by: Green Car Congress


As many probably expected, Tesla’s incredible driving range standards still assure the famous American automaker the lead of the top driving range EVs, but increasingly more valid options have now appeared on the market.

With any of these top 20 longest-driving range EVs, you don’t have to worry about living by a charging station or being caught up short – you can now hop on your fully charged EV and enjoy a practical and stress-free driving experience.

If you are ever on the road and you need to recharge, don’t worry – we got you.

Check out the Monta Platform that will help you easily find an affordable charging station next to you!

Image by: The Driven

And not to mention, going electric helps eliminate the cost of fuel from budgets and leads to a greener lifestyle. Enjoy the silence and quietness due to the lack of engine noise! If you have ever been enticed by the idea of buying an electric car but never got yourself around to do it, you have no more excuses!

More than 500,000 full-electric cars have been sold so far this year in Europe, meaning that the future is electric – and it is closer than it might seem.

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