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Electric vehicles (EVs) are easier than ever to find on our streets, with an ever-increasing uptake that is leading today’s 1.7m global sales to 54m sales by 2040. This is not a coincidence. Among others, one of the main factors boosting the growth is the progressive improvement in the electric vehicle driving range.

It is no secret that driving range is one of the most decisive elements when it comes to choosing a new electric vehicle. With that in mind, we invite you to explore the top 20 longest range EVs on the market!

What is the electric vehicle driving range?

Electric vehicle driving range is the maximum distance one can drive on a single battery charge.

How much electric vehicle driving range do you need?

As a matter of fact, an average electric vehicle with a single charge has a range of 160-200 km. This should be enough for short trips and regular daily commutes. 

The vast majority of EVs can therefore cover long distance driving and support the majority of Europeans during their daily commutes (it is estimated to be about 29 km per day). 

Factors affecting electric vehicle driving range

When it comes to electric car driving range, there is a number of factors that have a direct effect on it. More specifically:

  • The way and how fast you drive your car.
  • Temperature and weather conditions.
  • Long mountain climbs.
  • Extra weight in the car. 
  • Usage of car’s features ( AC, Electric seats, etc).
  • Tire width and pressure. 
  • The overall condition of the car and battery.
  • Electric motors quality.

Keep in mind then that the longest indicated range can differ from an actual driving range. For the most you should watch your driving style.

So, let me ask you: 

What kind of driver are you? Are you a gentle driver or do you always put your pedal to the metal? The way you drive directly impacts your car’s driving range.

If you are scared of running out of battery, make sure to get one of the longest range EVs or drive more effectively to get the most out of your electric vehicle. Even if today’s average range might seem to be sufficient, looking for maximum efficiency always is a good idea. 

Therefore, most of the buyers want to purchase an EV featuring a range that exceeds their estimated needs.

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Image by: MyEV

Electric vehicle maximum range is getting better

Of course, automakers are always looking for new improvements, and are in race to meet the ever-increasing demand for better performances and technologies. All these improvements are also geared towards improving the electric car driving range.

Electric vehicles nowadays feature:

  • Better and bigger batteries
  • More efficient motors 
  • Regenerating braking systems
  • Improved aerodynamics 
  • More economical appliances

Curious to know which carmakers perform the best when it comes to electric car range? Then keep on reading and check our list of the 20 longest range electric cars!

To make things even easier for you, we have divided our list on three categories according to your budget needs:

Which electric vehicle has the longest range up to date?

Please note: EVs have been ranked according to  EVDB data. As for any other vehicle, it is not possible to always drive in the best conditions. Real-life situations inevitably affect the estimated number of km.

2019 kia niro ev f34 fd 204194 1600 1024x682 1
Image by: Automative News Europe

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Budget-friendly EVs – $

20. Dacia Spring Electric 45

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Image by:

We start our countdown with Dacia Spring Electric 45. It’s an excellent choice for those who want to combine a decent range with a friendly price. Dacia Spring Electric 45 is an impressive electric SUV for families given its size and storage space. However, if it is speed you are after then you might have to look elsewhere.

Release dateJuly 2022
Range165 km
Top speed125 km/h
Dacia Spring specifications

19. Volkswagen e-Up!

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Image by:

The perfect city car option for those who don’t want to sacrifice all their savings on an EV. Volkswagen E-UP is a very interesting case for those who value flexibility. Furthermore, its range of 205 km is something that you can’t ignore especially if you need the car for your daily commute back and forth to work.

Release dateAugust 2021
Range205 km
0-10011.9 sec
Top speed130 km/h
Fastcharge170 km/h
Volkswagen e-Up specifications

18. JAC iEV7s

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Image by:

Next on our list is JAC iEV7s! Similar to Dacia Spring that we presented above, it is ideal for families due to its size and its generous storage space. Its full battery range is calculated to 225 km (or 140 miles of range) which is a very satisfactory number for your daily commute needs regardless of whether you live in the city or the countryside. The most important thing? Prices start £25,720, which makes it a car that doesn’t blow your entire economy on the air.

Release date February 2021
Range225 km
0-10012.0 sec
Top speed132 km/h
JAC iEV7s specifications

17. Sono Sion (COMING later this year)

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Image by:

Sono Sion is a model that is anticipated to come out on the market by June 2023. Its interesting design coupled with its “square” design and a range of 260 km make us believe that it might be a successful experiment! Given that it’s not out in the market yet, it’s difficult to say much about it but we believe that it is one of the budget-friendly electric cars that will make some noise in the market during the next year.

Release dateJune 2023
Range260 km
Top speed140 km/h
Sono Sion specifications

16. MG MG4 Electric 51 kWh

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Image by:

We are still on the budget-friendly category but this time with a more sport model. The MG4 Electric is a car designed to mainly cover the needs of those who live in a city. Its size is good for stress-free parking and its range (300 km) offers you the flexibility you need on your daily life. Lastly, with a top speed of 160 km/hand a price of £25,995 we think that it’s a car that you can’t just ignore!

Release dateOctober 2022
Range300 km
Top speed160 km/h
MG4 Electric specifications

Did you know? You can lose more than 50% of your EV range during the winter and gain 25% more range during the spring. Find out the reasons why in our informative article about how temperature affects EV range.

Medium priced EVs – $$

15. KIA EV6 Long Range 2WD

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Image by:

As we move now towards medium-priced options, we immediately stumble upon KIA EV6. It’s a car that screams affordable luxury. With a range of 410 km and a top speed speed of 185 km/h, you can rest assured that KIA EV6 has enough power to cover your needs both in and out of the city. Moreover, its elegant design can offer you that extra something that you need from of a car on this price range.

Release dateOctober 2021
Range410 km
Top speed185 km/h
Starting price£45,245
KIA EV6 specifications

14. Volkswagen ID.5 Pro Performance

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Image by:

Volkswagen hits again, this time on the medium-range category. The ID.5 PRO is a vehicle built to perform while pushing range anxiety away. Its estimated range is 420 km and its final speed is calculated to 160 km/h. Not bad at all! If we also take into account that it’s a spatious car that can accommodate the needs of a family, we can quickly assume that VW ID.5 PRO is one of the most worth noting models out there at the moment.

Release date February 2022
Range 420 km
Top speed160 km/h
Volkswagen ID.5 Pro specifications

13. Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor

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Image by:

On the thirteenth place of our list, we find Polestar 2. Long range is on the name so it doesn’t take much to understand that it’s a vehicle built with range performance (440 km) as its main focal point. However, it is safe to say that its design and speed performance are there as well. Without a doubt a great option for those who want to combine elegance with performance.

Release dateJanuary 2023
Range440 km
Top speed205 km/h
Fastcharge680 km/h
Polestar 2 specifications

12. Skoda Enyaq Coupe iV80

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Image by:

Skoda is car brand known for its reliability and, in that sense, Skoda Enyaq could be no exception. Its range performance is remarkable (445 km) making it a solid option for the life in both the city and the countryside. Speed isn’t its main priority, even though it can reache a top speed of 160 km/h. All in all, a strong family car made by Skoda.

Release dateJuly 2022
Range445 km
Top speed160 km/h
Fastcharge560 km/h
Skoda Enyaq specifications

11. Cupra Born 170 kW-77 kWh

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Image by:

Next on our list, we find Cupra Born 170. Driving range is without a doubt its strongest trait! Being able to drive around for 450 km without worrying about your battery is a life-changer. Its size makes it a great option for the city life, while its cost makes it one of the most affordable options for the medium-priced category.

Release date March 2022
Range450 km
Top speed160 km/h
Fastcharge 570 km/h
Cupra Born specifications

10. Volkswagen ID.3 ProS – 4 seats

volkswagen id3 2019 06 min 1024x512 1
Image by: Electrive

If you take a look at Volkswagen’s ID.3 ProS, you will immediately notice how the car portrays the classic VW style, with theplus of being completely electric. And if ID.3’s top driving range of 450 km wasn’t enough to convince you, Volkswagen has launched a unique app to help you know if you are ready to go electric.

Release dateAugust 2021
Range450 km
0-1007.9 sec
Top speed160 km/h
Volkswagen ID.3 ProS specifications

9. Hyundai IONIQ 6 Long Range 2WD

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Image by:

With a retro and eye-catching design, Hyundai has managed to enter the top 10 of our list. Ioniq 6 is one of those electric vehicles that are able to combine speed (185 km/h) with range (475 km). Families aren’t the top target group of this car, but anyone who values performance and flexibility is going to love it.

Release dateDecember 2022
Range475 km
0-1007.4 sec
Top speed185 km/h
Fastcharge1240 km/h
Price £46,745
Hyndai IONIQ 6 specifications

8. Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor

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Image by:

In eighth place comes Tesla with its Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor, a smaller cousin of Tesla Model x. Among all Tesla products, Model 3 is also the most affordable. But knowing Tesla, that doesn’t mean compromising performances, bringing a range of 485 km.

Release date November 2021
Range485 km
0-1004.4 sec
Top speed233 km/h
Fastcharge750 km/h
Tesla Model 3 specifications

7. XPENG P7 RWD Long Range

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Image by:

XPENG P7 is a car from the future for a number of reasons! Its maximum range of 500 km, its top speed of 200 km/h as well as its unique aerodynamic design makes P7 a vehicle that can live you with your mouth open. Especially, if we take into account its price of £44,035. A luxury all wheel drive car that is hiding in the medium-priced category.

Release dateFebruary 2023
Range 500 km
Top speed200 km/h
XPENG P7 specifications

6. Fisker Ocean Ultra

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Image by:

As we are now scratching the TOP 5, we meet Fisker Ocean Ultra! It’s a brand new model that came out just last February. It has an impressive range of 505 km making it the perfect companion for long distances not only within a city but on the countryside, too. Despite its family-friendly look, it also is a car that can satisfy those who are after a speedy experience. Its top speed is 200 km/h and it can get from 0 to 100 km in just 4.2 seconds. Not bad at all!

Release dateFebruary 2023
Range505 km
Top speed200 km/h
Fisker Ocean Ultra specifications

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High end/Luxury EVs – $$$+

5. MercedeS EQE 350+

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Image by:

We are officially on the TOP 5! And we also are about to have a look at a few high-end electric cars. First, we encounter Mercedes EQE 350+. Mercedes is a brand synonymous to reliability and top performance and the EQE 350+ could be no exception to that. Its maximum range is estimated to 525 km and its top speed to 210 km/h. If you have the budget, it definitely is a vehicle to consider.

Release dateApril 2022
Range525 km
Top speed210 km/h
Mercedes EQE 350+ specifications

4. Audi Q8 e-tron Sportback 55 quattro

d6e5b513 d50a 4827 a2cf 781a8b2d7540
Image by:

Similar to Mercedes, Audi is another brand that oozes reliability as well as luxury. Its driving distance range is calculated to 525 km making it a tireless companion in your adventures inside and outside of the city. Its design allows for a family to invest in it, however its price might be a bit too high given other options on the same price range.

Release dateDecember 2022
Range525 km
Top speed200 km/h
Audi Q8 specifications

3. Tesla Model S Dual Motor

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Image by:

We’re getting closer and closer to the top! Tesla is dreaming of a zero-emission future – and so far it has done amazing to achieve it. The American automaker makes in fact one more appearance with its Model S Long Range Plus and its incredible top driving range of 570 km which not many EVs can compete with! 

Release dateJanuary 2023
Range570 km
Top speed250 km/h
Tesla Model S specifications

2. Mercedes EQS 450+

24284bca c285 4acb 87a1 bf2c80ab5d5e
Image by:

Mercedes has ensured one more spot in our TOP 5 and for a good reason! EQS 450+ has a driving range of 640 km and a top speed of 210 km/h. With these numbers, it doesn’t take much to understand why we consider as one of the top-performing electric cars in the market. The only problem is its price of £105,610. However, if you have the budget and you are on the lookout for the best electric car possible then you might want to consider the Mercedes EQS 450+.

Release dateOctober 2021
Range640 km
Top speed210 km/h
Mercedes EQS 450+

1. Lucid Air Dream Edition R

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Image by:

You have officially made it to the top of our list! We are talking about an EV with a maximum driving range of 685 km, a number that truly sets the future of electric cars on a whole new level. Furthermore, it has a top speed of 270 km/h and it can go from 0 to 100 in only 2.9 seconds. This car is the loudest answer to the question of whether electric vehicles are the future. We would answer that for those who have the budget, second generation EVs already are the present!

Release dateJanuary 2022
Range685 km
Top speed270 km/h
Fastcharge870 km/h
Lucid Air Dream Edition R specifications

Some FAQs before you go:

  • What is the true range of electric cars?
    The true range of an electric car is estimated between 240 to 480 km in a single charge. Nevertheless, these numbers are continuously improving as we also saw on the list above.
  • What factors affect electric car range?
    There is a number of factors that can affect the overall range of an electric car. That could be the speed with which the driver is moving, the car’s battery size and age and the weather.
  • What reduces the range of an electric car?
    Again, the range of your electric car might vary depending a number of factors. It appears, though, that air conditioning and heating can really affect your battery’s performance. Apart from that, the weather or the age of the battery can also play a significant role.
  • Do electric car range decrease over time?
    The performance of EV batteries is expected to drop over time. According to, the range of an EV battery usually drops 2% to 3% every year. Of course, the quality and maintenance of the battery are essential factors as to how fast the performance of your battery decreases.
  • What is the longest range of any electric car?
    According to, Lucid Air Dream Edition R is the car with the longest range. More specifically, it has a maximum driving range of 685 km.
  • What electric car can have 700 km range?
    At the moment, there is no car that has 700 km range. The longest range model is the Lucid Air Dream Edition R with 685 km. However, BYD Seal is expected to be the first car that goes over 700 km range soon.


As many probably expected, Tesla’s incredible driving range standards still assure the famous American automaker the lead of the top driving range EVs, but increasingly more valid options have now appeared on the market.

With any of 20 cars with the longest driving range, you don’t have to worry about living by a charging station or being caught up short – you can now hop on your fully charged EV and enjoy a practical and stress-free driving experience.

If you are ever on the road and you need to recharge, don’t worry – we got you.

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porsche ev charging station 595a8102 77bb 4eeb b163 002cd295a362

Image by: The Driven

And not to mention,going electric helps eliminate the cost of fuel from budgets and leads to a greener lifestyle. Enjoy the silence and quietness due to the lack of engine noise! If you have ever been enticed by the idea of buying an electric car but never got yourself around to do it, you have no more excuses!

More than 500,000 full-electric cars have been sold so far this year in Europe, meaning that the future is electric – and it is closer than it might seem.


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