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Electric car charging station

You may be familiar with the feeling of driving towards a charge point only to find out that in the few minutes it took you to get there, someone else started using it. Instead of driving in vain, only hoping that the charge point is available, you can now reserve charge points with Monta. Reserving it will change the charge point’s status to ‘Busy’ for all other drivers, making you the only person who can start a charge there for as long as the reservation is active.

How it works

The cost of reserving

Reserving a charge point will have a different price from a regular charge. When reserving a charge point, you will pay a fee per minute for as long as the reservation is active. The fee price is calculated based on what it would cost to charge for 1 hour at that specific charge point, at maximum kW effect.

This means that the cost of a reservation is 50% of what a charge would cost per hour, divided into a per minute price.


A 22 kW charge point with a price of 3 DKK/kWh will cost 66 DKK per hour when charging at maximum effect. So then:

50% of the per hour charge price equals 33 DKK, divided into 60 minutes = 0,55 DKK per min. to reserve the charge point.

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Starting a charge or cancelling the reservation 

The reservation will stop when you begin charging at the reserved charge point. The accumulated reservation cost will be added to your final charge cost and will be paid at the same time.

You can also cancel the reservation at any time. You will pay for the minutes the reservation was active for, even if you choose to cancel the reservation instead of starting a charge.

When can you reserve a charge point

You can only reserve a charge point if the owner has enabled that option on their charge point and if the charge point’s status is ‘Available.’

The owner must set a maximum reservation time, for example, 60 minutes. This is the maximum duration you can reserve a charge point for before the reservation expires and the charge point becomes available to other drivers.

If you own a charge point yourself, you can enable the reservation feature in the Portal.