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EV charging solution for businesses

Monta gives your business the flexibility it needs to adapt to the growing needs of the modern EV driver. Offer an easy charging experience on your premise and unlock additional revenue streams, all while reducing your CO2 output.

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Full & automated control of your charge points

Whether it's an office, a business location or residential area, controlling charge points - payments, availability and pricing needs to be easy and hassle free.

  • Decide who can charge and how much they pay
  • Schedule private, semi-public or public access to your charge points
  • Set custom pricing for employees, customers, guests, etc.
  • Schedule price changes or opt for dynamic spot pricing for peace of mind

Earn money while promoting EV adoption

High charge point utilisation is an important puzzle piece in the EV charging infrastructure.

  • Open up your charge points for public or semi-public access for additional income
  • Keep your existing customers satisfied while attracting new ones.
  • All Monta users and our partners' users can now find your charge points

The Monta business toolkit

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The charge point management system buyer's guide

If you’re looking to provide EV charging services to your customers, employees or even your family, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide we provide the checklist for success in building and scaling your charging site(s), the pitfalls to avoid, and a process to help get you started.

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A superior charging experience for all EV drivers

The business charging experience can be frustrating. Monta reduces as much friction as possible with the latest technology.

  • With the Monta map or QR codes, drivers get access to charging without having to download an app
  • Easy payment options via smartphone with Apple and Google Pay
  • 98% charging stability, compared to the industry average of 85%
  • Self-healing algorithm and remote rebooting ensures higher availability

Simple, scalable business EV charging solutions

The charge point infrastructure is still in its early phases. Businesses need EV software solutions that can scale effectively.

  • Set up new charge points when needed; we integrate with most brands and models
  • Market-leading dynamic load balancing means you will use electricity infrastructure efficiently
  • Create and manage teams, wallets, vouchers, charge keys and more
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Elevate your EV charging experience