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EV charging software built for installers

Are you tired of struggling with complex systems and daily challenges when installing charge points? Your time is valuable, and you need a solution like Monta Hub that is efficient, easy to use, and designed to adapt to your needs.

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Partner with Monta for hassle-free charge point installations

Here’s what you can expect:

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Simplified setup

Monta's user-friendly software facilitates the installation process, allowing you to focus on the installation itself and reduce installation time.

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Advanced remote diagnostics

Our advanced diagnostic tools enable you to identify and resolve issues remotely, saving time and money, and reducing inconveniences to clients.

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Ongoing support

Need help with updates, maintenance, and troubleshooting? Our robust support team ensures all chargers function optimally, giving clients peace of mind.

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Streamlined project management

Unlock efficient project management with our platform, making it easy to transfer chargers to your customers, get installations up and running quickly, and serve unlimited use cases to increase revenue.

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Competitive edge

Partnering with Monta means you can offer clients the latest technology and stay competitive in the market, helping you win more deals and grow your business.

Say goodbye to the inefficiencies of multiple platforms

Take your work to the next level with Monta Hub.

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Pre-site settings on Portal

Prepare installation projects on the “Installer Jobs” page before going on-site.

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On-site hardware settings

Install the charger, establish an internet connection, and connect the charger to Monta’s backend.

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Charge point customisation

Set up LoadBalancing, transfer ownership, or operate chargers yourself.

Your all-in-one charging solution

Manage every aspect of your work in one place. Get a complete overview of all your chargers, users, and transactions and enjoy all the benefits of using the most flexible and advanced solution on the market.

With Monta Hub, you can:

Streamline EV Charger Setup with Monta

Optimize EV Installations and Team Management

Automate Billing and Remote Support with Monta

Optimize Power Usage and Boost Revenue

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Bulk add and connect chargers

Say goodbye to manual installations and hello to quick and efficient setup.

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Prepare installation sites remotely

Add chargers to the Monta Portal and prepare in advance all the details you need on-site (list of charge points, serial number, connector, and any special notes) via the “Installer Jobs” page.

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Transfer ownership of chargers/teams

Easily transfer control of a charge point or team to the site owner after setting it up for them, so they can manage it themselves.

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Track installation status

Monitor the status of all installation tasks on all your sites via the “Installer Jobs” page.

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Invite team members via a Join code

Let team members join a team themselves instead of manually adding them one by one.

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Manage multiple sites or projects

Create Teams to separate between different customers/projects or manage multiple operator accounts under the same “Umbrella”.

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Invoice and collect payments automatically

Say goodbye to manual data entry and spreadsheet tracking. Monta integrates with multiple payment gateways, giving you the flexibility to choose the payment options that work best for your business.

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Support customers remotely

Customers can assign tasks to you and give you access to their chargers for remote troubleshooting.

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Set up load balancing

Monta's LoadBalancing feature supports a variety of load balancing techniques, which not only ensures efficient energy distribution among your chargers but also maximises the efficacy of your energy utilisation.

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Gain more revenue

Offer peace of mind to your customers via additional services (e.g. extra customer support, maintenance, warranties, etc).

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450+ supported charger models

Monta supports 450+ AC and DC charge point models. Choose the hardware that best fits your client’s needs and serve a wider range of clients.

More time to focus on your business

With Monta, optimisation and automation make your work easier. Minimise your admin work, reduce downtime and maintenance costs, and focus on what you do best.


We work closely with manufacturers to keep chargers operational and have a self-healing algorithm to fix bugs and errors automatically.

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User autonomy

We give your users the ability to help themselves and not have to rely on you for everything.

They can order charge keys themselves, block them if they get lost, and customise their chargers via the app and Portal.

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Delegate admin work

Transfer ownership of the charge points to site owners and focus on what you do best. Let someone else manage them once your job is done.

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EV software made easy

Setting up an EV charger? With Monta Hub, it's straightforward and you'll be on track in no time. No more puzzling over long manuals or constant troubleshooting.

Monta Hub is designed to make managing multiple charge points easy, helping you reduce admin tasks. So, free up some time and stay focused on the bigger picture. If your current charge point management system is a hassle, consider this a fresh start. Our ultimate EV command centre is here to support you.

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Lightning-fast installation

With Monta, you can take your charge points live in under 2 minutes. We offer the quickest method for setting up efficient charging sites of all sizes.

Easy integration

We provide installation guides for each hardware brand and let you know exactly what you have to do on-site via the Installer Jobs page.
Powered by Monta chargers come with Monta pre-installed to speed up the installation process for you.
Explore Integration guides
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Eric Scharnowski, Zapp Mobility

“We used to go through 700 - 1000 rows in Excel Sheets every time we needed to make...“

...a payout to our customers. Being onboarded on Monta’s Marketplace where everything runs digitally, we saved 24 hours of manual work each month and our recurring revenue has gone up by 117%.”
Eric Scharnowski, Zapp Mobility

Plans for every business setup

Whatever your business plans, we’ve got you covered.

Keep it simple

Install charge points and do nothing more

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Efficiently manage charge point installation projects via the Installer Jobs page.

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Transfer chargers to your customers and let them take over.

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Get small to big charge point installations up and running in no time.

Go advanced

Grow your charge point installation business

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Team up with Monta and bid for charge point installations.

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Become a certified Monta partner through the Partner program.

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Offer additional services:

  • Onsite charge point repair & maintenance
  • Different levels of customer support
  • Financing models for charging stations
  • … or anything else you can dream up!

Power up your installer business

If you wish to start operating charge points, look no further.

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Use Monta to operate and manage charge points.

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Serve unlimited use cases (housing associations, private charge point owners, etc.) and win more deals.

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Re-sell Monta and gain new revenue streams.

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Log in
Open the app and get instant access to EV charging on the road.
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Select a charge point
With 500 000+ charge points across Europe, choose the one closest to you.
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Choose a payment method
Monta supports a range of payment methods from credit card to Google Pay or Apple Pay.
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Start charging
That’s it! Keep an eye on your charging settings and status.

Setting the standard in the EV charging market

Keep your customers happy with a great charging experience combined with fantastic service. Monta Hub provides a comprehensive and user-friendly software for managing and monitoring charge points, ensuring your customers have a seamless charging experience.

What your users get:

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Monta Charge to charge at home, at work, or on the road

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97% market-leading successful charging rate

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Insights into usage & consumption

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Get support around the clock

Choose how you want us to support you. 
We always let you know when there are any incidents you should know of in advance.

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Learning resources

Access free education and training resources for yourself and your customers through the Help Center and Monta Academy.

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Customer support

Benefit from a top-rated customer support system that offers round-the-clock assistance, priority support, and even the option for a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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Power your success

Take advantage of our expanding network of wholesalers and hardware manufacturers for charge points.

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Expand your reach

Grow and expand your business with the help of our Partner program, which provides certification and professional development opportunities.

Elevate your EV charging experience