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Built for charge point operators, Monta’s CPMS empowers you to effortlessly set up and manage any number of charge points, reduce manual administration, and optimise efficiency for unparalleled customer experiences. Unlock your EV-charging operations’ full potential with Monta today.

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Grow your business

Whether you’re a site owner or operating chargers for someone else, your goal is to maintain a profitable business by keeping electric vehicles charged and on the road. That requires constant monitoring, maintenance, and customer support to ensure your chargers are always functioning optimally, all of which are crucial for the long-term success of your charging network.

With Monta, managing your charging network is no longer a challenge – it's an opportunity for growth and success.

Maximise efficiency and revenue with Monta's EV charging solutions

Here’s what you can expect:

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Improved operational efficiency

Easily manage your charging infrastructure across multiple locations with Monta's intuitive platform. From adding new chargers to setting up pricing and scheduling, you can streamline all of your operations in just a few clicks.

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Maximised charge point utilisation

Boost your business with virtual queueing, scheduling, and performance insights, allowing you to maximise utilisation and revenue streams. With Monta's scalable solutions, you can choose the hardware that best fits your needs and budget and attract more EV drivers through our Roaming network.

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Flexible pricing system

Monta's pricing system is the most advanced on the market, allowing you to tailor pricing to fit every use case and maximise revenue. With features like dynamic pricing, peak and off-peak pricing, and subscription plans, you can offer flexible and attractive pricing options to your customers.

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Automatic payment & invoicing

Bookkeeping becomes a breeze with our automatic payment and invoicing system, allowing you to focus on growing your business and leave the administrative tasks to us.

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Self-healing algorithm

Ensure chargers are always functional and minimise operation costs with Monta's self-healing algorithm.

Upgrade your charging network with Monta's CPMS

Monta’s CPMS offers market-leading features that cover everything from accessibility and pricing to integrations and operational control to make your work easier, faster, and better. Take your charging network to the next level and provide your customers with the reliable and efficient charging services they deserve.

Why Monta's CPMS is game-changing

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Scale your business

Choose the hardware that best fits your needs and budget, attract more EV drivers through Monta’s Roaming network, and boost your revenue stream as a site owner or operator (or both) with our monetisation options.

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Flexible price setting

Tailor pricing to fit every use case you can think of with the most advanced pricing system on the market.

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Operational efficiency

Keep your chargers functional and operation costs low with our self-healing algorithm and troubleshoot or push firmware updates from the comfort of your office.

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Automatic payment & invoicing

We invoice your users automatically after each payment and handle all transactions for you for easy bookkeeping.

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Maximise charge point utilisation

Let users join a virtual queue, schedule different access and price groups for peak and off-peak periods, and get performance insights to run your sites more efficiently.

Trusted by EV pioneers

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Power up your business with Monta

Keep it simple

Go advanced

Keep it simple

Whether you're managing a small site or a large network spanning multiple regions, our CPMS gives you the power to operate with full confidence and control. Get maximum results with minimum effort and full control over pricing, access, and utilisation.

Go advanced

Monta can accelerate your growth whether you're a new operator/site owner or have been doing it for years. Don't just keep up with the competition – surge ahead with Monta’s CPMS.

Your all-in-one charging solution

Get a complete overview of all your charging sites, users, and transactions and enjoy all the benefits of using the most flexible and advanced solution on the market.

What you can do with Monta’s CPMS:

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Customisable price setting

Choose a fixed kWh or minute rate or set up Dynamic pricing with min/max thresholds to make sure your electricity costs are always covered.

Add network tariffs, profit margins, or additional fees at the start, middle, or end of a charge session.

Learn more about price setting
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Automated access management

Optimise charge point utilisation and stay profitable by specifying when and how the price and accessibility of your charge points should change.

E.g.: You can set higher prices during peak times or switch your chargers from private to public at the weekends, automatically.

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Remote maintenance

Keep admin work low with our self-healing algorithm and delegate installation or on-site maintenance tasks to installers with a click.

Anyone on your Operations team can do basic settings, troubleshooting, and remote actions including firmware updates either on the Portal or on-site via the App.

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Add your chargers to our Roaming network to make them visible to a wider audience. Besides being shared with other roaming apps, your charge points will also be visible on navigation apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom, and Here.

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Unrivalled EV charging experience

Monta app users enjoy a successful charging rate of 97%, far exceeding the 85% industry standard. This makes charging at home, work, or even on the go a breeze for our 200K+ loyal users.

Our SmartQueue and SmartBooking features make charging more efficient, while QR stickers and app clips allow drivers to pay for charging without downloading the app.

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Automatic payments & invoicing

Monta has a built-in and automated accounting, invoicing, and payment system to make your life easier.

Choose from a wide range of payment options via card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, charge keys, payment terminals, and multiple mobile payment apps.

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Maximise performance with data-driven insights

Improve future site selection and charge point utilisation by making informed decisions with the help of our analytics & reporting capabilities.

Track revenue and benchmark performance and user ratings in real-time to optimise your charge point business.

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Partner API

Integrate Monta into your own solutions. With the ability to start and stop charges, import information into CRM tools, and display charge points on your maps, you can centralise data and develop your own use cases - all from one place.

Learn more about Partner API
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For all use cases and any number of charge points

Monta's CPMS flexibility allows you to serve various use cases (residential, fleet, workplace, public charging etc.). 

With adaptable pricing, automation, abundant features, and seamless integrations, our CPMS enables you to adapt to your customers' needs, not the other way around.

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Account management made easy

Manage multiple operator accounts under the same Umbrella and never lose track of your sites, projects, and cash flows.

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What is Monta’s Roaming Network?

Join Monta's Roaming network to access Europe's fastest-growing community of EV drivers.

Connect to our platform for real-time usage data, optimise pricing and availability, and unlock the power of roaming. Our network provides over 400 000+ chargers for our users and valuable insights to optimise your charging infrastructure and attract more users.

Maximise the revenue from your EV chargers with cutting-edge features like dynamic pricing, SmartQueue, and more.

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Learn more about our network
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Offer the best-in-class EV charging experience

Keep your customers happy with a great charging experience combined with fantastic service. Monta's CPMS provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for managing and monitoring charge points, ensuring your customers have a seamless charging experience.

What your users get:

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One app to charge the same at home, at work, or on the road

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97% market-leading successful charging rate

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Insights into usage & consumption

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Access to 400 000+ public chargers across Europe that can be reached via Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom, Here, and in-built car navigation

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“Monta is the ultimate software for charge point operators and installers who are looking to tap into the EV charging industry. Our business has absolutely skyrocketed since we first began using Monta. Monta’s scalability, transparency, and ease of use guarantee our continued growth."

Eric Scarnowski, founder – Zapp Mobility

Don’t listen to us, here’s what our customers have to say:

Always there to help you succeed

Choose how you want us to support you.

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Learning resources

Access free education and training resources for yourself and your customers through the Help Center and Monta Academy.

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24/7 Customer support

Benefit from a top-rated customer support system that offers round-the-clock assistance, priority support, and even the option for a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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Power your success

Take advantage of our expanding network of wholesalers and hardware manufacturers for charge points.

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Expand your reach

Grow and expand your business with the help of our Preferred Partner program, which provides certification and professional development opportunities.

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What is the Monta Academy?

Our comprehensive self-study online courses can be accessed at your convenience, giving you the ability to learn how to use Monta at your own pace. These courses, hosted on the Monta Academy, provide a variety of tools and resources aimed at supporting your business operations on the Monta Portal.

Available for Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans.

Why Monta?

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All-in-one EV charging solution

Set up, manage, and operate chargers from one platform.

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Get your charge points live in under 2 minutes

The fastest way to set up charging sites of any size.

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Unmatched flexibility

Offer multiple payment options to your customers and customise pricing and accessibility to serve every possible use case.

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Switch to our backend with ease

You can rely on our support to migrate your chargers and users remotely.

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Highly advanced & customisable pricing system

Customise your EV charging prices to cover costs and increase profits, with no manual calculations.

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Low effort, maximum results

Monta has all the tools and features you need to set up new charging stations, manage pricing and billing, and track usage and performance, everything with automation in mind.

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Stay future-proof

We’re always on top of new industry regulations and offer features others haven’t even thought of yet.

Elevate your EV charging experience

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