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Easily manage EV chargers for your properties and residents

Optimise your property for residents driving electric cars with Monta's reliable and convenient home EV charging solution. Our product suite simplifies charger maintenance, automates billing and payments, and adjusts pricing and access to your needs.

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Intelligent technology for residential EV management

Here’s what you can expect:

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Ease of use

Monta Hub has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage charging stations and energy usage easily with a centralised system, reducing complexity and streamlining the charging process.

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Flexible pricing

Set the prices you want for charging and collect member fees from residents using your chargers.

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Versatile charging solutions

Deliver a seamless EV charging experience with multiple access options: Monta Charge, RFID card, QR code, or Auto-start.

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By offering EV charging solutions, you support eco-friendly initiatives and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Scalable solutions

Expand your charging infrastructure as demand grows with our scalable solutions, ensuring that your property can support an increasing number of EV drivers.

Smart software solutions for smart property managers

From remote management and monitoring to automated billing and invoicing, Monta makes managing your chargers as effortless as possible. Our user-friendly dashboard puts all the information you need at your fingertips, making it easy to always stay on top of your charging stations.

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Remote maintenance

Monta helps make EV charging simple and more efficient. With our self-healing algorithm, admin work can be reduced significantly, allowing you to delegate installation or maintenance tasks with just the click of a button.

Basic settings, troubleshooting, and remote actions including firmware updates can also be done remotely on the Monta Hub or Monta Charge.

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Monta Hub for you, Monta Charge for your residents

Monta Charge for your residents enables convenient charging from their smartphones, while Monta Hub gives you full control over access and pricing.

With Monta’s integrated platform, each of you can efficiently manage your EV charging needs and keep track of your costs and consumption.

Customize charger access and pricing

Giving your residents access to charging has never been simpler. You can add members to your chargers and tailor pricing and accessibility as you please in just a few steps.

Add a revenue stream to your residential business

Provide your residents with the freedom to charge their EVs at home while giving yourself a profitable source of income. Customise prices, set member fees, and join our roaming network to maximise your investment.

Setting the standard  in the EV charging market

Transform the way your residents charge with Monta - the ultimate solution that offers simple and smart EV charging, wherever they need it. From multiple payment options and convenient features, Monta has everything your residents need for top-tier charging.
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Unrivalled EV charging experience

Monta's exceptional successful charging of 96%, exceeding the 85% industry standard, makes charging at home, work or on-the-go effortless for our 400K+ loyal users.

Consider enabling our SmartQueue and SmartBooking features to optimise charger utilisation while giving your residents the flexibility to choose when they want to charge.

Drivers can have access through Monta Charge and charge keys and can even charge without downloading the app using QR stickers and app clips.

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Car integration

By integrating their cars with Monta, residents can unlock advanced features that simplify and automate (home) charging, making it more convenient than ever. This integration provides drivers with a range of benefits, such as insights into charge states, charging schedules, rates, and other useful statistics.

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Auto-start charge

Residents can automatically charge their cars for the exact amount of power needed by simply plugging in their cars.

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Your residents can customise their home-charging preferences using SmartCharge, allowing them to reduce both their carbon footprint and charging costs. With this feature, they can select their preferred settings (e.g., lowest cost, cleanest energy source, etc.) for each charge.

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Usage & Consumption

To gain full insights into consumption and charging costs, you can specify your electricity price based on the electricity bill, enabling you to accurately track spending every time your residents charge.

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Do-it-all with Monta Charge

With Monta Charge, your residents can access charging anywhere they go, whether at home, work or on the road. They'll enjoy a range of useful features and the ability to locate over 500 000+ public chargers via Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom, Here, and in-built car navigation across Europe.

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Earn charging credits with PowerBank

Monta's PowerBank feature allows for temporary pauses of ongoing charges during an electrical grid imbalance, preventing blackouts. By participating, you can receive credits in your Monta Wallet based on the electricity used to charge your EV. This feature is currently available only in Denmark and Sweden but will soon be expanding to other regions in Europe.

Learn more about PowerBank

Helpful guides and tips

The Monta Help Center is a valuable resource for EV drivers. Access guides to set up your charger, understand features, and troubleshoot issues. Get answers faster and conveniently. Check it out to enhance your EV driving experience.

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Get support around the clock

Choose how you want us to support you.

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Ensure quick support

Provide your residents with 24/7 access to our team via email or chat, ensuring exceptional support and timely issue resolution.

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Help Center

Access our free self-help material for you and your residents via the Help Center and Monta Academy.

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24/7 Customer Support

Count on our highly-rated customer support system, which includes 24/7 support, priority support, or a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

Elevate your EV charging experience