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Intelligent energy management for future electric mobility

Join the EV revolution by offering EV charging solutions to your customers. With our help, you can conquer the rapidly expanding EV charging market, meet complex needs, and serve multiple user segments. Stay ahead of the curve and secure your customer base for the future, with Monta.

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Intelligent technology for energy companies

Here’s what you can expect:

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Advanced security

Your data is safe with us. We're ISO-27001 certified, with strict access policies, data encryption, and automated threat detection.

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Forward-thinking innovation

Partnering with Monta can help you future-proof your business and increase revenue, as EV drivers consume more electricity. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Let us help you navigate the EV charging industry and achieve success in this exciting new market.

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Streamlined operations

Manage your charging infrastructure across multiple locations using our intuitive platform.

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Highly advanced and customisable pricing system

Customise your EV charging prices to cover costs and increase profits without manual calculations. That way, you can serve a wide range of use cases (home charging, public charging, workplace, etc.), making EV charging simple for your customers.

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Grid stability and energy management

Efficiently mitigate grid instability with Monta’s peak shaving capabilities. LoadBalancing ensures efficient energy distribution between your chargers while PowerBank briefly pauses ongoing EV charges during a grid imbalance to prevent blackouts. Home users charge automatically when energy is cheapest or greenest with SmartCharge and can integrate home energy systems with Monta.

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Monta is the tailored software solution for all things EV

Navigating the ever-evolving EV charging market can be complex, but with our versatile solutions, you'll be ready for anything. Whether it's home charging in residential areas, on-the-go charging at public networks, or company-sponsored charges, we've got the perfect solution for every use case.

What’s more, fluctuating energy prices have turned consumers more price sensitive. If charging at home or on the road becomes too expensive, your customers will choose a different provider since your services are not competitive anymore. With Monta’s highly customisable charge point pricing solutions, you can serve any use case without limitations!

Seamlessly adapt your pricing to all scenarios

Public users

All EV drivers in need of charging.

public pricing

Private teams

Offer special prices for guests, employees, residents, etc.

Private pricing

Different schedules

Schedule different access and price groups for different times of the day or the week.

E.g.: Reserve charge points for members during office hours or open charge points to the public at the weekends.

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Employees charging their EVs at home

Reimburse employees charging their personal or company car at home. With our automated reimbursement system, they will receive compensation to their Monta Wallet after every charge or at the end of the month.


Flexible pricing that adapts to your business (not the other way around!)

Imagine being locked into rigid pricing for your charge points, unable to adapt to the ever-changing EV charging market. This is the harsh reality for many charge point operators who use a CPMS without pricing flexibility. With the inability to adapt to your customer’s needs, you will be left behind - by your competition and your customers. 
Don’t let this be your reality.

With Monta’s CPMS, pricing adapts to your customers’ needs, not the other way around.

Keep it simple

Go advanced

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Charge per kWh

Base the price on the kWh consumption.

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Charge per minute

Base the price on the number of minutes spent charging.

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Use spot pricing

Follow the real-time electricity spot price.

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Set the spot price %

Define how much of the price is based on spot pricing.

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Member fees

Set fees for your members (e.g. charge residents a fee to cover admin work).

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Offer peace of mind to your customers via additional services (e.g. extra customer support, maintenance, etc).

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Define a threshold

Stay competitive while ensuring your own costs are covered.

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Add other tariffs & fees

Include tariffs to accurately cover electricity costs (e.g. Danish transportation tariff). Enable fees to avoid blocked charging spots.

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Promo codes

Foster customer loyalty with credit or discount promotion codes.

Access exclusive energy management features

Both you and your users can optimise your energy usage with Monta. We help you efficiently mitigate grid instability and reduce energy costs and by partnering with Monta, you can offer customers exclusive energy management features and gain a competitive edge in the energy market.

The most robust security measures in the industry

At Monta, safety and security are our top priorities. We've implemented multiple layers of protection, including strict access policies, multi-factor authentication, and data encryption, to ensure the safety of our partners' and users' sensitive information. Our platform is constantly monitored to detect any potential threats quickly, and we generate automated alerts and insights to mitigate any issues. In the event of any significant incidents, we openly communicate them on our status page, providing regular updates on our progress and any workarounds we implement.

Setting the standard in the EV charging market

Transform the way your customers charge with Monta - the ultimate solution that offers simple and smart EV charging, wherever they need it. From multiple payment options and full insights into their consumption and charging costs, EV drivers have a unified experience wherever they go.

For home users

For public users

For workplaces

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EV drivers can schedule charges and customise their home-charging preferences based on their needs: save money, reduce CO2 emissions, choose renewable energy, or a combination of all these factors.

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Auto-start charge

With Auto-Start charge, charging your EV becomes hassle-free. Just plug in your car and it will start charging automatically at your preferred time and with the right amount of power needed - no manual input required on the Monta app.

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Unrivalled transparency and flexibility

EV drivers always have all the details before (charger detail screen), during (session screen), and after charging (summary screen). They can see the estimated costs and fees beforehand, as well as the accumulated price during the charge, ensuring an anxiety-free experience for the EV driver.

They can access 500 000+ chargers across Europe, and multiple payment methods.

They can add ANY charge key they want and can even pay without downloading the app using app clips (InstantCharge).

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Convenient charging options

Workplaces can create a company Wallet and provide employees with funds for charging to avoid unnecessary reimbursements.

Additionally, employees charging their EVs at home can automatically have the charging costs reimbursed after each charge or at the end of the month through our Sponsored Charge Points solution.

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"When we decided to scale and make more proposals to municipalities, it was natural for us to go with Monta. It is quite intuitive, which makes it easy to establish new charge points and price charges."

Jesper Antoni Nicolaisen, Head of charge point infrastructure – Ewii

Seamless software and hardware integrations

Simplify your EV charging services with Monta. Seamlessly integrate over 400 charge point models, install easily with Powered by Monta chargers, and centralise data management through our Partner API.

Partner API

Easily integrate Monta into your own solutions and streamline your data collection process. With the ability to start and stop charges, import information into CRM tools, and display charge points on your maps, you can centralise data and create customised use cases from one centralised location.

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Choose your preferred hardware

Monta supports 400+ AC and DC charge point models. Choose the hardware that best fits your needs and budget.

Additionally, Powered by Monta chargers have Monta software pre-installed and built-in connectivity options, making installation a breeze.

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Transform your utility business with Monta's EV charging platform

Monta's Charge Point Management System (CPMS) provides utility partners with the flexibility, efficiency, and innovation required to become the go-to EV charging solution provider.
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Get support around the clock

Choose how you want us to support you.

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Learning resources

Access free education and training resources through the Help Center and Monta Academy.

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24/7 Customer support

Benefit from our top-rated customer support system with round-the-clock assistance.

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Power your success

Take advantage of our expanding network of wholesalers and hardware manufacturers for charge points.

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Get premium assistance

Opt for a dedicated Customer Success Manager to get personalised help.

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Expand your reach

Grow and expand your business with the help of our Partner program.

Connecting the dots with Monta

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Monta CPMS is designed to meet the needs of utility companies that manage a large network of charging stations. Our system offers a range of features, including real-time monitoring and control, usage tracking and billing, advanced analytics and reporting, and an easy-to-use interface for customers.

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Monta CPMS is already in use by a range of utility companies across Europe. Our system has been extensively tested and optimised to provide reliable and scalable performance, enabling utility companies to manage their charging networks with confidence and adapt quickly to market changes.

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Building a comprehensive CPMS system from scratch can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. By using Monta CPMS, utility companies can avoid the cost and effort of building their own software solution and instead rely on a proven and tested system that is ready to go.

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Monta’s CPMS can be customised to meet the specific needs of each utility company. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique requirements and configure the system to meet their needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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Monta CPMS provides ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that our system is always up-to-date and working optimally. Our dedicated support team is available to answer any questions and provide assistance whenever needed.

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