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Charging solution for the workplaces of tomorrow

Ready to be the superhero your employees need? Offer EV charging at your workplace or reimburse employees charging costs to accelerate the green transition.

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Trusted by EV pioneers

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Trusted by industry partners worldwide

Offer your employees EV charging benefits at work and at home

Monta Hub makes managing your chargers a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can install charging stations, add members, set charging prices, give access to your chargers, and instantly reimburse employees charging at home. Plus, Monta seamlessly integrates your fleet for an easy overview of charging stations and usage.

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Charging perks for your employees - at home and on the go

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On-site charging

Let any employee charge their personal or business electric vehicle at work.

Explore better, easier charging
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Sponsored charging on the road

Easily provide charging funds for employees, no matter where they charge.

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Sponsored charging at home

Reimburse employees charging their EVs at home after every charge or at the end of month.

Intelligent technology for all your workplace charging needs

Here’s what you can expect:

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Efficient management

Monta enables centralised control over EV charging stations in your workplace, making it easy for you to manage and monitor usage of multiple charging stations while keeping track of operating costs.

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Employee convenience

With seamless access to charging stations, reservations, and billing, your employees will be more inclined to switch to electric vehicles.

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Load balancing

Monta's advanced load balancing technology optimises energy usage, preventing overloads on the grid and ensuring that your workplace's charging infrastructure operates smoothly.

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Sustainability leader

Achieve your sustainability goals with our help. Support green initiatives, reduce your carbon footprint, and encourage employees to switch to electric vehicles with workplace and sponsored charging.

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Reliable EV charging stations

Our successful charging of 97% far exceeds the industry standard of 85%, ensuring a superior charging experience.

“As we’re a large business, we want to be sure that...

...we can track our spend across departments and manage budgets responsibly. Monta makes this easy to manage and removes any additional administrative requirements from our staff.”
Matt Surmacz,  Ricoh

More time to focus on your business

Let Monta handle your EV charging needs. With our self-healing algorithm, easy installation and maintenance delegation, and convenient charging options for employees, you'll have more time and energy to devote to your business. Install charging stations according to your needs and let us take care of the rest!

Streamline the financial management of EV charges

Take the headache out of bookkeeping with Monta's easy solution for a reliable and admin-free charging program for your workplace. You can streamline your payment processing and invoicing and avoid the tedious and time-consuming task of manual data entry and verification.

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97% successful charging

Monta has a 97% successful charging rate – far surpassing the 85% industry standard! Over 330K users trust Monta Charge to make charging at home, work and on the go a breeze.

Setting the standard in the market

Make your employees' lives easier with Monta Charge. With tap-and-go charge keys and self-organised workplace charging, Monta puts EV drivers in control and takes the hassle out of charging their electric vehicle, no matter where they are.
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Do-it-all with Monta Charge

Monta makes workplace charging accessible for your team wherever they are thanks to Monta Charge. The convenient interface allows access to many great features and 500 000+ public chargers spread throughout Europe - all easily located on Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom, Here and in-car navigation systems.

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Self-organised charging

With Monta's SmartQueue and SmartBooking features, EV drivers have total control over their charging process. They can plan when to charge and create a virtual queue at the charger to minimise wait times.

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EV fleet integration

Integrate the company fleet to get insights into the state of a charge, scheduled charges, charging rates and statistics, plus much more.

Users can also integrate their own electric cars with Monta to unlock new features that make charging convenient, easy, and automated.

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Auto-start charge

Employees plug in their EVs and let Monta handle the rest, enjoying the convenience of having their cars start up automatically with the right amount of energy!

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Tap and go with charge keys

Seamless integration of your fleet vehicles with Monta grants you complete control when it comes to employee charging. Link any charge key to each car for convenient tap-and-go access - all without using the app!

Helpful guides and tips

The Monta Help Center is a valuable resource for EV drivers. Access guides to set up your charger, understand features, and troubleshoot issues. Get answers faster and conveniently. Check it out to enhance your EV driving experience.

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Plans for every business setup

Installing charging stations in the workplace will benefit you more than you might think! Give your employees the convenience of charging at their workplace while earning extra income with Monta. With customisable pricing options, member fees, and the ability to add your chargers to our roaming network, Monta ensures you get the most out of your investment.

Member fees

Keep admin costs taken care of by offering a monthly membership fee for access to your charge points – this will help reduce the cost associated with maintaining the charger and providing easy access for your employees.

Member fees


Enhance the reach of your charge points by joining Monta's charging network – making them available not only in our EV charging app but also in other relevant roaming apps and across popular navigation applications like Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom and Here.

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Customisable price setting

Get a setup that suits any workplace when using Monta's price settings – opt for fixed kW/h or minute rates for a consistent charge session rate, or use dynamic pricing with min/max thresholds to give extra freedom over expenditure.

Network tariffs and profit margins can also be easily modified too, plus additional fees can be added at the start, middle or end of the process as needed.

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Earn charging credits with PowerBank

Take advantage of Monta PowerBank to automatically pause ongoing charges when the electrical grid is imbalanced for a better yet safer charging experience.

Receive credits in your Monta Wallet depending on the amount of electricity used during charging sessions.

Already operational in Denmark and Sweden, this feature will soon be available in other parts of Europe.

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Get support around the clock

Choose how you want us to support you. 
We always let you know when there are any incidents you should know of in advance.

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Help Center

Enjoy free self-help material and support from the Help Center and Monta Academy.

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Customer support

Rely on our highly rated Customer Support system, with 24/7 support options, priority support, and a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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Take it to the next level

Get certified and grow with our Partner program.

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Expand your reach

Gain access to a growing network of wholesalers and hardware manufacturers of EV chargers.

Elevate your EV charging experience