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Decide who can use your charge points, when and at what cost. Monta’s platform lets you customise your EV charge points to your EV charging needs.
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Manage multiple users in one system

Whether you have one or 10 charge points, Monta makes it easy for you. Once connected to our software, you can track individual charge point usage and add or remove users.
  • Add or remove charge point users
  • Track their usage in real-time
  • Easy management from one platform

Set different pricing for different groups

Let your colleagues or neighbors charge at a low cost, while guests and other EV drivers pay a larger fee. With Monta, you decide the price per kWh.
  • Create as many pricing groups as you want
  • Decide how much it costs to use your charge points
  • Edit pricing levels as often as you want

Safe and secure real-time payments

Whether it's a neightbour, employee or just another EV driver looking to recharge, payments happens instantly. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and hello to Monta's digital EV payment solution.
  • Get real-time payments
  • Easily track usage, payments, and transactions
  • Gain the financial overview with one system
We support the most popular charge points
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Explore the Monta business solutions

Fleet charging

Transition to a zero-emission company fleet and use Monta to manage employee EV charging at work, home, or anywhere in between.

Residential EV charging

With Monta charging management system you can easily keep track of EV charger usage, users, payments, and access levels.

Workplace EV charging

Get the full overview of employee charging, payments and usage without time-consuming administration work.

Elevate your EV charging experience with Monta.

We develop features you actually needs

Schedule charge point availability

"Decide who can use your charge points, when and at what cost."

Scale up and down

Add or remove users and charge points as you please with Monta.

Reserve charge point

Know your destination? Reserve a charge point on the way and skip the queue.

Charge everywhere

Get access to 150.000+ charge points with Monta. Never run the risk of running out of power.

Load balancing

Monta offers static, dynamic, or true dynamic load balancing options to distribute the electricity in a smart way.


Monta's self-healing features ensure charger stability and availability. With Self-healing you automatically fixed CP bugs and errors.

We got so much on the way!

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Monta is a technology-first approach to EV charging

Monta is a technology layer that makes EV charging simple, accessible and reliable. We believe customizable EV charging solutions should be available to everyone regardless of hardware.
Fastest improving platform
We launch hundreds of features and improvements each year to help you stay ahead of industry changes.
EV charging-centric
Everything we do, we do to create the best EV charging experience for drivers and charge point owners.
Transforming with tech
We tackle existing EV charging challenges with long-term solutions. We explore, test, and build with scalable technology.

Elevate your EV charging experience with Monta.

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