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Residential EV charging - flats & communities

Make it attractive for your neighbours to drive EVs and make your life easier by leaving all the paperwork behind.  With Monta charging management system you can easily keep track of EV charger usage, users, payments, and access levels.
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Easy to use charging solutions for residents & communities

With Monta connected to your charging point, also known as EVSE, you can decide who has access to the unit, when and at what cost. Make it easy for neighbours and guests to adopt on electric cars, while you have the full overview over users, charging sessions, access and pricing.
  • Manage who can use your EV charger
  • Decide the price per kWh used
  • Reserve EV chargers to residents with charging schedules

Automated billing system for a better charging experience

Residents, guests and other EV drivers pay instantly, when they use your EV chargers. Set the price for EV charging, and the Monta platform keeps track of all payments and charging sessions. Pay with our charge keys, credit card, Google or Apple Pay and leave tedious paperwork behind.
  • Real-time payment
  • No paperwork
  • Manage the finances in one system

Scale up or down to fit your needs

Scale according to residents' EV adoption rate without complexity. With Monta, you can easily add or remove charging station users as you please. You can also add new EV charging stations to the same system.
  • Easily add or remove users
  • Integrate or disconnect charging stations
  • Switch between plans as you please
We support the most popular charge points
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Elevate your EV 
charging experience

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