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Workplace EV charging at your business

Monta is a 100% digital solution for easy charge point management. Get the full overview of employee charging, payments and usage without time-consuming administration work.
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Offer workplace EV charging to employee & guests

With Monta, you can decide who has access to your workplace's charge points and at what cost. Let employees charge at a low rate, while your business earns a cut when guests or other EV drivers stop by.
  • Offer different pricing to different groups
  • Manage it all in our portal or from your phone
  • Create as many groups as you want

Control EV charge points availability

Reserve your charge points for employees during work days and open them up to the public during weekends. Automatically schedule when charge points are publicly available and in private mode.
  • Reserve charge point for employees
  • Make your charge points publicly available
  • Toggle between public and private mode as you please

Easily cover employee "fuel" costs

Get the financial overview of usage, payments and transactions when employees perform electric vehicle charging at work, home or on the road. Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and get a full-fledged digital solution to manage employee charging.
  • Track employees' EV charging expenses automatically
  • One system to handle payments, expenses, and EV charging costs
  • Integrate Monta with your company's financial management system
We support the most popular charge points
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Elevate your EV 
charging experience

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