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The graveyard of white-label charging apps

Discover what to keep in mind before launching a white-label app. This white paper will take you through today’s mobile app landscape, the most typical features (and challenges) of white-label apps, and the extra functionalities CPMSs and EMSP apps can provide.

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What you’ll find in this whitepaper

“So you want to build an app for your company?”

Launching a dedicated application for your business can be an intriguing thought. With so many variables to keep in mind – especially in the rapidly evolving EV industry! – it can also become a bit overwhelming. Which is why several companies looking to reach their EV driving users through an custom-made app turn to whitelabel (WL) solutions: simple apps that do just the few things we need them to.

However, white-label apps come with their own unique set of benefits and challenges, which all interested businesses need to plan for. It might even turn out that some solutions fit your market strategy better!

Download to find out more about:

  • How the mobile app landscape has changed in the past few years
  • The most typical features (and challenges) of white-label apps
  • The extra functionalities CSMPs and EMSP apps can provide
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