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No card swiping or app tapping. Just plug in and start charging.
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What is AutoCharge?

Monta's AutoCharge feature makes EV charging as easy as possible. All you need to do is plug in your EV charging cable and charging begins instantly. When it's time to hit the road again, simply unplug and the charging process stops automatically. No more dealing with EV charging apps or RFID cards to connect to the charger or pay for charging.

AutoCharge works with any DC charger or AC charger with ISO-15118-3 capable hardware. See which charge point models support AutoCharge here.

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Are you a Charge Point Hardware Manufacturer and want to enable AutoCharge?

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The problem

EV charging can be confusing and frustrating for drivers, especially those new to EVs since they need to navigate multiple apps, RFID cards, and payment methods. What’s more, hardware manufacturers have no control over the steps that charging providers require to initiate charging, leading to driver confusion and inconsistent experiences.
As we eagerly wait for Plug and Charge to become the industry standard in the near future, both CPOs and hardware manufacturers need to join forces to address the current challenges EV drivers face.

What is Monta’s solution?

Monta's AutoCharge feature makes charging hassle-free. Just plug in to start charging and unplug to stop. It's that simple!
AutoCharge technology is the perfect solution until Plug and Charge becomes widely available and provides a much-needed solution today. With AutoCharge, CPOs and hardware manufacturers can make the lives of electric car drivers easier.
Picture this: After pulling up to a charging station, an EV driver plugs in their cable, and without struggling with different apps, cards, or payment systems, they simply connect to the EV charging network and start charging. It's a game-changer that will bring a big smile to customers' faces.

Brands already compatible with AutoCharge

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Why AutoCharge?

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Seamless EV charging

Drivers simply plug in to start a charging session and unplug to stop—no more swiping cards or tapping apps. With automatic payment handling, the entire EV charging experience is taken care of.

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Easy activation, big impact

To enable AutoCharge on their charge points, hardware manufacturers just need to communicate the vehicle identification number to Monta via OCPP. As for EV drivers, they only need to register their cars on the Monta app.

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Meant for everyone

AutoCharge is not limited to Monta app users. Our goal is to make it accessible to all drivers, regardless of the charge point manufacturers / brands and roaming networks they use.

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Ready and available now

Until Plug and Charge becomes widely available, AutoCharge provides a much-needed and secure solution for drivers today.

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Always privacy first

The data received from chargers is always encrypted; both during storage and transmission, so no personal data is ever exposed.

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A new standard

A charger that supports AutoCharge is more attractive to operators and drivers alike due to its unmatched simplicity.

Teamwork makes AutoCharge work

AutoCharge brings the promise of a seamless charging experience, but to fully realise its potential, industry players need to work together.

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Hardware manufacturers

By integrating AutoCharge, hardware manufacturers can enable charge point operators to implement this feature for their users. This means drivers can enjoy a more convenient charging experience without charging and payment complexities.

The Monta team is dedicated to making AutoCharge a reality for EV owners everywhere. Using our software expertise, we can assist hardware manufacturers with the integration of AutoCharge to make EV charging as seamless as possible. We provide an implementation guide and offer a convenient way to request support for enabling AutoCharge.

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Public CPOs and EMSP

We are also actively working on making AutoCharge available across different roaming networks. Together, we can create an interoperable charging ecosystem that brings convenience to all EV drivers out there.

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AutoCharge is ready: Are your charge points?

Most EVs with a CSS connector can already use AutoCharge today, but more hardware manufacturers need to integrate AutoCharge into their chargers to make them more widely available.

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How can EV drivers use AutoCharge?

AutoCharge works with any DC charger or AC charger with ISO-15118-3 capable hardware. See which charge point models support AutoCharge here.

To use AutoCharge, you need an electric vehicle with a CSS connector and a unique, non-shared vehicle ID. Some vehicles have shared codes and therefore cannot use AutoCharge. The list of non-compatible vehicles includes:

  • Audi e-tron (model 2018, cannot be guaranteed for model 2019) & Q4 e-tron
  • Cupra Born
  • Lucid Air
  • Maxus eDeliver
  • Mazda MX-30
  • Volkswagen e-Up!, e-Golf, ID.3, ID.4 & ID.5, ID.Buzz
  • Seat Mii electric
  • Skoda Citigo e-iV & Enyaq iV
  • BMW iX1 & BMW i7
  • Rolls-Royce Spectre EV

If you have a compatible car model, check out our guide on how to get started with AutoCharge.

Which charge points are already compatible with Monta’s AutoCharge?

AutoCharge works with any DC charger or AC charger with ISO 15118-3 capable hardware. It works by default with any DC charger because they have a direct data connection with the vehicle, resulting in more efficient charging. See which charge point models are AutoCharge compatible here. Our team is actively working on expanding this feature to include other charge point brands across different roaming networks.

How can I find charge points that support AutoCharge?

As of now, you can filter by AutoCharge in our web map and soon in the Monta app as well.

Will AutoCharge be available at AC chargers?

If you have an AC charger with ISO 15118-3 capable hardware, it is possible to build support for AutoCharge. This is because you would have a data connection with the vehicle, which provides access to the required information for the AutoCharge feature.
If you are a hardware manufacturer who is considering activating AutoCharge, we have a guide available that provides detailed instructions. Alternatively, you can reach out to us directly and we will be more than happy to assist you with getting AutoCharge enabled.

How can hardware manufacturers make their charge points compliant with AutoCharge?

Hardware manufacturers need to provide Monta with the vehicle identification number through an authorisation call in OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol). You can find a step-by-step guide for doing that here.

How does Monta keep your data secure when sharing it from charge points?

We have partnered with multiple roaming providers to implement the best solutions for data sharing while preserving user privacy. The data received from the charging stations is always encrypted both during storage and transmission. We store the encrypted data in our database and share it as an encrypted string through roaming, ensuring that no personal data is ever exposed.

How does Monta support hardware manufacturers with AutoCharge integration?

We have created a guide explaining how to enable AutoCharge. If you require technical assistance, please reach out through this form.

What is the difference between AutoCharge and Plug and Charge?

AutoCharge and Plug and Charge are different. AutoCharge mimics the RFID card experience, focusing on car identification, while Plug and Charge uses a decentralised, highly secure system. AutoCharge can be viewed as an intermediate step towards Plug and Charge, offering enhanced convenience and security compared to current methods.

Let’s bring a better charging experience to EV drivers, together.

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