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InstantCharge utilizes Monta’s QR codes, and is the fastest and easiest way for a new user to access a Monta charge point. It allows a user to access a charger, start a charge, and pay - without ever downloading the app.
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What is InstantCharge?

The main purpose of InstantCharge is to provide a smooth and seamless first experience with Monta, ensuring that new users, at the very least, can start a charge without any issue.

How to activate InstantCharge

  • Scanning a QR code, or the NFC-tag inside a Monta QR-sticker
  • Opens Apple’s App Clips or Android’s Instant Apps functionality
  • Allows user to start a charge and pay the public tariff on the charge point

    Notable limitations of InstantCharge include:
  • Cannot queue for a charge point
  • Cannot pay Team tariffs
  • Must enter email address to receive receipt
Instant Charge Feature

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