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Intelligently schedule home charges to save money and reduce your environmental footprint.
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What is Monta's SmartCharging?

With SmartCharge preferences, Monta can help you save money and focus 
on making a positive impact on the environment.
SmartCharge checks your local forecasted electricity prices, tariffs, and energy emissions data and comes up with the perfect charge schedule, automatically. It can schedule charges to start when energy sources are cheapest, have low CO2 emissions, or are most renewable. You just need to set the desired time for your car to be charged and ready, and let the SmartCharge algorithm take care of the rest.

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Why is it important?

In Europe, electricity prices can more than quadruple during the course of a single day, once you factor in tariffs and dynamic prices. Some EV drivers check daily their local forecasted electricity prices to see when energy is cheapest, calculate how much they need to charge, and wake up during the night to charge their cars. So much effort just to charge during off-peak hours when energy is cheaper.

What Monta’s SmartCharge can do for you:

Save money in the long run

SmartCharge helps you avoid high electricity prices and peak demand fees by charging at the right time(s).

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Charging green made easy

SmartCharge lets you opt for renewable sources to make home charging environmentally friendly.

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Reduce your CO2 footprint

Save over 500g of CO2 with each charge when selecting lower carbon-heavy energy sources.

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Track your impact and savings

SmartCharge allows you to easily tailor your charging schedule to meet your needs: saving money, reducing your CO2 emissions, or focusing on renewable energy sources.
After every smart charge, you get a summary of how much money and CO2 you’ve saved. You can track your progress over time and see the positive impact you are making on both your wallet and the environment.
co2 saved with smart charging

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Want to learn more about SmartCharge?

Check out our latest episode of Monta Talks where we dive deep into the feature and explain what it’s about.

Frequently asked questions

Where is SmartCharging available?

SmartCharging is available in countries where we have access to granular electricity price data and carbon emissions data. We currently provide it in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the UK.

Which charge points are compatible with SmartCharge?

The feature works with any Monta-supported charge point model, so choose the one that fits your needs best.

How can I use SmartCharging?

Read our guide on how to set up SmartCharge.

Do I have to pay for SmartCharging?

No. SmartCharging, like any other Monta app features, is free. Read our blog to learn more about SmartCharging.