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Sponsored Charge Point

This feature is designed for companies with fleet vehicles that are brought home by employees.
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What is Sponsored Charge Point?

Sponsored Charge Point lets an employer connect to an employee’s home-charger, to automatically reimburse the employee for charging a company vehicle at home.

How Sponsored Charge Point works

  • The administration in needing to reimburse the employee manually
  • The need to note which vehicle is charging, and when. You simply select the company vehicle, when initiating a charge.
With this feature, combined with Pay with Team Wallet, a company will only have a single monthly item for the bookkeeping for the company vehicle’s charging at home, on the company’s chargers, and on the road.

Setting up a Sponsored Charge point is a simple 2-step process, and can easily be done by the employee and the company administrator.
Sponsored Charge Point Screen

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