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Monta Enterprise Service-Level Agreements

In this guide you can find out how support cases are prioritized and handled.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 13 March, 2024
In this guide

In Monta, we have a dedicated team to care for our business partners. This team is specialized on the Monta Hub & company setups, whilst also being experts on invoices & other administrative questions around setting up and managing your company to your business needs with Monta.

If you are a business partner with Monta and contact our Monta Partner Support, we aim to deliver on certain timelines on both reply and resolution times on the tickets you create.

This is commonly known as Service-Level Agreements (or SLAs). As much as we would want to reply to all tickets instantly, we know we cannot always deliver instant support for all of our customers and therefore wish to be smart about how we prioritise our resources.

As not all problems are created equal, we need to prioritise the tickets we receive. This ensures the tickets requiring immediate attention and have high urgency or criticality reach our support agents before tickets with low priority, generic questions or minor inconveniences with workarounds or alternatives present.

Once you have selected that you are a business partner and filled in “Business and Revenue impact” and “Confirmed number of users affected” sections of the contact form, our smart triaging ensures that the tickets get marked internally with a priority indicator (P1-P4) and that the ticket lands directly with the right team where we strive to respond within the SLAs below. For business partners with contractual agreements with Monta, these SLAs are also included in the contracts.

Description of type of support case priority

PriorityResponse timeResolution timeDescription
P12 Business Hours4 Business HoursComplete System  Outage
P24 Business Hours5 Business DaysSome aspects of the business can continue, but it is a major problem
P32 Business Days10 Business DaysIssue affecting efficient operation of multiple customers
P45 Business Days20 Business DaysIsolated incidents or general questions.

Once the ticket is received in our team, we will continue to assess the impact as we process your request in order to provide you with the correct level of support. Our team is responsible for ensuring that ticket priority is aligned with business impact appropriately, and can increase or decrease the priority according to the guidelines and SLAs above.

Internally, Monta Support uses this level of urgency to help determine the order in which to process tickets in our inbox. This helps to ensure that critical issues are resolved as quickly as possible.

How does Monta define business impact and urgency levels

P1 – Urgent – There’s a complete Monta system outage and revenue is severely affected

Priority 1 issues are ongoing, require immediate resolution, and have no workaround, with a critical effect on business revenue. This level indicates the highest criticality, and should only be used in any scenario where there’s a complete outage on Monta’s core services. These services include:

  • Web Portal or Hub offline
  • App offline
  • All chargers offline or non-operational in Monta
  • Complete downtime on Monta servers
  • Payments in general not working
  • Suspicion of major GDPR breaches
  • No workarounds present

Monta usually knows about P1 issues immediately, as we have many reports and 24-7 alerts to internal stakeholders when our core services are not performing to our expectations. P1s are generally not expected to happen anymore than once per quarter.

If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to our status page where we always proactively and transparently address all known incidents. There is usually no need to contact support in these scenarios, as we will make sure the status page is up-to-date at all times with the latest updates, information, potential workarounds or steps to take for our customers. We also proactively showcase our status page in Monta Charge under Me -> Support -> Ongoing incidents, whilst also targeting incidents directly to the customers who’s affected if issue is isolated on a certain charge point model.

P2 – High – Significant performance degradation of key functionalities for several customers

Priority 2 indicates high urgency and should be used when core features and functionalities of Monta are severely compromised and has a high effect on business operations and a direct effect on business revenue with no workaround present.

Sample scenarios:

Core features not working for several customers – these features include:

  • Charging
  • SmartCharge
  • Sponsored Charging
  • Map
  • Tax Refunds
  • Wallet
  • Payment not working for several customers
  • Account frozen due to an issue on Monta’s end
  • Significant delays, such as consistent pauses greater than 10 seconds while using Monta Portal or App
  • Suspicion of minor GDPR breaches

P3 – Issue needs attention for optimal performance

Priority 3 indicates moderate urgency and should be used for issues that decrease efficiency of normal business operations and affect multiple customers, with a potential of revenue impact if not addressed. Core functionality of Monta’s services remain operational.

Sample scenarios

  • Decreased performance of core features for several customers but with workarounds present – these features include:
    • Charging
    • SmartCharge
    • Sponsored Charging
    • Map
    • Tax Refunds
    • Wallet
  • Exports not working
  • Several charge points are offline and hardware + troubleshooting on owner’s end already done on without resolution
  • Bug reports & error messages with non-solution error messages

P4 – I have a general question or seek guidance on feature functionality or experience a minor inconvenience

The issue or request is informational in nature, or is a small nuisance. Resolution will not directly impact current business revenue in the short-term.

Sample scenarios:

Questions about the functionality of our services, for example:

  • Features
  • Exports
  • Invoices
  • Monta Hub
  • Monta Charge (app)
  • Reports have unexpected or mismatched results that you need help understanding
  • Queries regarding best practices and optimal setups
  • Unexpected behaviour of a feature for a single customer
  • Graphical errors on graphs
  • Concern or suspicion of insights or exports showing incorrect data
  • Single charge point is offline and hardware + troubleshooting on owner’s end already done on without resolution
  • Tax refund not credited
  • Suspicion of incorrect transaction
  • Visual bugs
  • Isolated error messages

How does Monta use urgency to prioritise tickets

We want to ensure that any issues you encounter using Monta are resolved in a timely manner, and this includes prioritising issues that completely obstruct your business operations over those that do not.
We prioritise issues based on their impact on your business, ensuring that critical issues take precedence in our queue. Plainly put, more critical issues will appear at the top of our queue, so we can immediately begin reviewing.

This means that when you face significant obstacles, our team is primed to act swiftly, collaborating with you to troubleshoot and resolve the issue efficiently. Our commitment to prioritisation reflects our dedication to supporting your business’s continuity and success.

Pro-tip: Are you encountering a P1 or P2 issue, we always recommend calling us. Our partner support phone is open 24-7-365 and you can find our phone number on Monta Hub under your Operator or Team and then Support & Billing or via Me -> Support -> Call Support in your Monta Charge. If you are a business partner, you will have a phone number available to you.

Monta’s Partner Support Business Hours

Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 Central European Time (CET)

Excluding following Public Holidays (2024):

March 28th – Holy Thursday
March 29th – Good Friday
April 1st – Easter Monday
May 9th – Ascension Thursday
May 20th – Pentecost Monday
December 24th – Christmas Eve
December 25th – Christmas Day
December 26th – 2nd Christmas
December 31st – New Years Eve
January 1st, 2025 – New Years Day

Our Partner Support Phone Hotline remains open 24-7-365 and will call our 24-7 support-team outside business hours.

Need to talk to a specialist?

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Private users
Start a chat in the Monta app on your mobile device of choice.
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Business customers
Sign in the Monta Portal and create a support ticket.
Open hours: 07:00 – 23:00 CET
First reply time: <3 business days
Certified installers
Book a guided call with an installation specialist.
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