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Hi, we're Monta! Welcome to our Brand Navigator. Here you can find your way around the Monta brand, from the principles that help guide us, to the way we express ourself in colour, illustration, photography and more.

We believe in transparency, that’s why we’ve made our brand guidelines public. However, some of our assets are protected, so you might hit a dead end here or there if you’re not a Monteer.

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Who are these brand guidelines for?

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Monta’s design teams

Our very own design teams.

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Or external person hired to work with the Monta brand.

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Who want to learn more about how we express ourselves.

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Our full press kit. 

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Who wish to use our brand and guides in their promotional materials.

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Brand nerds

For the logo lovers and palette perfectionists.


Brand Essentials

Brand Essentials

Looking for our Logo? Colours? Font? Find them here! Discover how to (and how not to) use the essential Monta brand elements.

Get a deeper understanding of the Monta brand, who we are, how we feel and what makes Monta, Monta!

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Activate Monta as a partner

Activate Monta as a partner

Looking for guides, 1 pagers or assets to co-brand your marketing materials? Look no further, find everything you need here.

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Internal only

Assets and Materials

Aside from the essentials, our full brand expression is delivered through a unique illustration, icon and photographic style.

Find all the assets and guidance you need to make beautifully on brand, consistent and top class materials.

Assets and Materials

Why EV less when you can EV better