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The leading EV charging command centre

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Customise and operate your EV charging setup, exactly the way you want. Monta Hub is a single command centre that lets you efficiently manage charge points, users, vehicles, and finances — all in one place.

Charge points Module

Complete control over EV chargers

Operate your charge points’ performance, status, and access levels no other way but yours. Monta Hub is the ultimate operations companion, enabling you to manage any number of charge points, effortlessly.
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Trusted by EV pioneers

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Trusted by industry partners worldwide

Finance Module

Handle all your finances, in one place.

Effortlessly manage your EV charging business's financial operations with Monta Hub. Track revenue and expenses, gain valuable insights, and enjoy seamless automations, whether operating locally or globally.
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Comprehensive financial dashboard

From payments to invoices, manage all financial operations from a centralised dashboard. Track, analyse, and optimise to maintain a healthy financial state for your EV operations.

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Your financial powerhouse -  The Monta Wallet

Monta Wallet simplifies managing funds, scheduling payments, and handling cross-border transactions. It supports all major currencies, making international transactions hassle-free, no matter the scope of your operations.

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Handle employee charging reimbursement with ease

Drive EV adoption within your organisation. With our Sponsored Charging feature, you can easily handle payments for employee charging—whether at home or on the go—streamlining reimbursement processes and promoting sustainable practices.

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Experience all Monta Hub has to offer with a free 30-day trial account. Sign up today and upgrade at any given time.

Vehicle & Users Module

Tailor site access and manage fleet settings

Have complete control over which vehicles and users have access to chargers, when, where, and for what cost. Your chargers, your rules, after all. Need to manage an entire EV fleet? Monta Hub has got you covered there as well!

Access levels


Commercial Fleet

Company Fleet


Fine-tuned access levels for the right audiences

Every charge point site is unique, and so is its audience. The access levels of charge points can be adapted based on certain needs: private for specific users, public for everyone, or semi-public for a select group, like employees at a workplace or residents at an apartment complex.
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Tailored charging experiences through User Profiles

Users can be managed with depth and detail by creating profiles that capture their charging habits, preferred locations, and payment methods. This way, they can receive a seamless charging experience that caters to each of their unique needs and preferences.
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Charge insights and smooth operations for commercial fleets

Monta Hub enables the integration of commercial, corporate, or depot fleets while offering valuable insights into current charge states, scheduling charging times, and more. This allows businesses to keep their commercial fleets always charged and on the move.

Seamless EV solutions for company fleets

Turning a company fleet electric requires no effort. Businesses can integrate their electric fleets and grant employees features that make charging convenient, reliable, and easy. It's not just about the vehicles; it's about the people driving them, too.

Effortless reimbursements of employee charging costs

With our Sponsored Charging feature, businesses can cover their employees’ charging costs with ease by automatically reimbursing them, no matter where they charge: at home, on site, or on the go. This makes switching to an EV fleet effortless and incentivises EV adoption within organisations .
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Intuitive design for seamless operations

At Monta, our core philosophy is to create products with a modular and scalable design, ensuring they evolve as swiftly as your needs.
This commitment to adaptability keeps Monta always a step ahead, enabling you to effortlessly keep pace with the industry's rapid changes.
Our approach culminates in an intuitive, user-centric interface, allowing for quick customisation - add, edit, and rearrange features in Monta Hub to meet your operational demands.
Our goal? To empower our users with simplicity and efficiency, making their experience with Monta feel empowering, never overwhelming.”
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Camilla Haag

Lead Product Designer I