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Monta appoints new Chief Technology Officer, co-founder Casper Rasmussen takes on full CEO role

Published: 11 June, 2024

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[Copenhagen, Denmark, June 10th]. Monta, a leading software company in the EV charging industry, has appointed Jesper Terkelsen as the company’s new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This strategic move comes as Monta continues to scale its operations and drive innovation in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. Jesper Terkelsen succeeds co-founder Casper Rasmussen, who has served as both CEO and CTO since the company’s inception. He will now dedicate his efforts exclusively to his role as CEO, steering Monta’s growth and expansion.

Jesper Terkelsen was serving as Vice-President of engineering at Monta. He brings a wealth of experience in leading high-performing engineering teams and driving technological innovation in an international environment. Before joining Monta, he spent a decade at Tradeshift, a Danish-founded SaaS provider that expanded globally. In this fast-paced environment, he entered Tradeshift as a senior developer, eventually becoming Vice-President of engineering, platform, and architecture. 

As a CTO, Jesper will develop and scale the engineering organization to fuel the company’s growth. He’ll also play a key role in pushing Monta further on the vanguard of technology excellence that already sets it apart from competitors with features like PowerBank, Vehicle to Grid or Virtual Solar.

«I’m thrilled to become Monta’s CTO at such a key moment of the company’s journey following our last fundraising, explains Jesper Terkelsen. Having worked previously in a SaaS company that grew fast and expanded globally, I feel I’m in a good position to contribute to Monta’s success at the stage the company is. 

Scaling up both the product and the organization is an ambitious challenge just the way I like it. The EV sector is burgeoning, and there’s an immense opportunity to develop software that maximizes the potential of electrification. I’m proud to keep building this with such an amazing team. 

With a talented team and a visionary CEO who understands the technical landscape, I’m confident we will continue to set new standards in the industry. Moreover, the company’s mission to build a more sustainable future aligns perfectly with my values.»

This appointment comes at a moment when Monta just raised 80M€ from investors last January. The investment will bolster the company’s commitment to service excellence, including enhancing its offerings for fleets, developing solutions for heavy-duty vehicles, and introducing new features. With Jesper Terkelsen operating as CTO and Casper Rasmussen focusing on a full-time CEO role, the company is well-positioned to accelerate its growth, revenue, and expansion in the EV charging market.

Being now a full-time CEO, Casper Rasmussen will dedicate his time to leading the company’s business. His technical expertise as a CTO gives him a groundbreaking advantage on this front compared to the competition.

« After three and a half exciting years being CEO and CTO, it is the right moment to pass the torch, explains Casper Rasmussen. When I met and hired Jesper last year, I knew he was the right candidate when the time would come. His world-class technical knowledge and leadership skills in managing engineering teams in a fast-growing software environment are exactly what we need. 

Since the founding of the company, I have taken care of building a top-level team of engineers. They are the company’s beating heart, relentlessly pursuing industrial excellence, releasing new features, and integrating new charge points, to name a few. Jesper has been an integral part of that effort since he joined us. Now it’s time for me to focus more on developing the business, growth, and expansion to scale our business to new heights. »

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