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partner api diagram

Transparency and knowledge are key elements the EV industry needs to take to move in the right direction. For both users and providers, understanding where prices come from, how charge points are performing, whether a transaction is successful, etc., can facilitate the adoption and retention of EV technologies.

At Monta, we use data to decide what features are needed, what problems need solving and which focus areas we should take a look at. Numbers give us clarity, they are transparent. And we want partners to access their own data, getting back the insight and information that can otherwise be lost when working with another platform. 

This is why we’ve developed Monta’s Partner API.

API stands for ‘Application Programming Interface’ and it allows two systems to talk to each other. Through the API, we open Monta’s data and functions to partners. Those that opt in and qualify for the collaboration, can use their own systems to interact with Monta’s as they see fit.

The Partner API enables partners to develop their own use cases around their Monta-managed charge points. For example, they might want to present their own solutions, start and stop charges, or simply import information into their customer relation management tool so they can have all business relevant information in one database.

Enterprise partners can attain insight and control over their charge points, user information, and financial reports in their own platforms instead of having to go through our portal to reach it. 

For end-users, partners using the API can enhance their users’ experience with better integration into their existing services: for example, they can allow their users to book a parking spot and charge their EV with a consolidated invoice. No need to have them switch between multiple apps.   

Operators will be able to:

  • Integrate Monta operated charge points to their back office and see all entities and statistics in real time
  • Display Monta charge points on their own map and let their users charge through their app(s)
  • Import all billing and transactions into their CRM tool and analyze it

Some of the data they will be able to access and get full lists of includes:

  • Charge points and sites
  • Charge transactions
  • Wallet transactions
  • Stop and start charges
  • Monta’s map endpoints

This tool is available to all Monta enterprise partners who’ve committed to operating over 500 charge points. Our map api can be accessed without having to have a certain charge point commitment, please reach out to for more details.


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