Sef Energi Monta

For the utility company SEF Energi, it was natural to extend their services to include EV charging to their customers. Teaming up with Monta completed their EV charging solution and provided them with a platform to scale their business.

Wanting to play a key role in the future infrastructure of society, SEF Energi quickly saw the potential of expanding their business to include EV charging solutions. Serving clients with charge points, installation and service agreements was a natural next step for the company. As the client list grew, however, so did requirements for more advanced charging options.

Sponsored charge pointsOffer all-in-one solution with MontaUse multiple charge point brands
Enterprise solutionAC and DC chargersServe private consumers, businesses and municipalities

Our customers were asking for a more flexible set up where pricing, users and tax refund could be managed easily and digitally. We quickly realized we needed a more future-proof EV charging software like Monta to offer our clients the full package regardless of their individual needs,” says Claus Holm Andersen, CCO, SEF A/S

For SEF Energi, having a central software platform that could be tailored to private consumers, businesses and partners was the missing piece in order to have the complete EV charging package in the market.

Customizable all-in-one EV charging suite 

As part of their previous setup, SEF Energy had acquired a subsidiary covering charge point installations nationwide and due to the core of their business, they already had agreements with private households and companies. Partnering with Monta gave the competitive advantage they needed to offer the full EV charging suite. 

No matter if it’s a private person looking for a seamless charging experience or a business wanting a tailored solution, Monta fits the bill. By adding Monta’s software to our original offering, we now operate as a one stop shop for EV charging, which our customers value immensely,” says Claus Holm Andersen, CCO, SEF A/S

SEF Energi receives ongoing training by Monta in order to stay updated on new features and function as one point of contact for their clients. One feature particularly interesting was Monta’s sponsored charge points. A feature they already offered, only without the digital setup.

Scaling the business with automated workflows

SEF Energi is servicing a lot of business clients who all are transitioning to company EVs in the near future. Hence, they are interested in reimbursing employees when charging at home. Having built their own system initially, SEF Energi quickly decided to use Monta’s digital platform to manage everything in one place. 

Before Monta, we manually went through every charge to calculate how much reimbursement our client’s employees should have. It took us two months to go through all the paperwork. Now Monta does all the work for us and our clients are automatically reimbursed for the electricity they use to charge their company EVs. It’s a complete gamechanger,” says Claus Holm Andersen, CCO, SEF A/S

Besides saving time and human resources, Monta has become a cornerstone in SEF Energi’s EV charging strategy. Not only does it enable SEF Energi to move fast in an ever changing market, they now have a complete solution for private consumers, businesses and municipalities.

Growing broader, bigger and better

With their EV charging offering managed via Monta, SEF Energi are one of the pioneering utility companies putting their positive mark on society’s infrastructure. Now serving private consumers, businesses and municipalities, they have a foundation to grow their business exponentially.

SEF Energi is a great partner and an amazing example of how we see ourselves: As an enabler in the industry. Through our partnership, SEF Energi gets all the software, expert support and resources they need to grow their business and become their customers’ preferred EV charging partner. It’s truly a win-win partnership,” says Peter Vodder, Country Manager at Monta.