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Dynamic Pricing

Say hello to Monta’s dynamic spot pricing, a solution that allows charge point operators to tie their profits to the real-time price of electricity.
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What is dynamic pricing?

Monta’s spot pricing feature allows operators to set their kWh price based on the hour-by-hour price that they’re paying for electricity, and not on a static number.

Price of a charge = spot-price rate + premium (fixed) AND/OR premium (percentage)

Spot-price rate

The spot price for the area/location of the charge point on an hourly basis based on data from Nord Pool.

Premium (fixed)

The ability to add a fixed premium on top, e.g. delivery costs

Premium (percentage)

The ability to add a percentage premium of the spot price on top, e.g. VAT

Why is dynamic pricing important?

Using spot pricing makes the transaction between provider and customer transparent and fair. In today’s market, it’s not a benefit, it’s a necessity.

graphic showing what is fair pricing

Monta's dynamic pricing solution

The old-school fixed price per kWh setup works best with predictable and stable prices, making it an unhelpful model at a time when fairness and transparency are king. We need a flexible solution during this unprecedented high volatility environment.

charge point operators

Charge point operators

They’ll never undercharge when prices are high or overcharge when prices drop.

EV drivers

With a price directly tied to electricity prices, no matter the fluctuations, users know they're paying a fair and transparent market price.

Employers sponsoring charge points

They can accurately reimburse their employees
a fair amount based on electricity prices, and avoid any accounting issues.
fair value

Housing associations

Say goodbye to incurrent losses, and give a fair charging experience to all your residents and their guests.

Elevate your EV charging experience