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Monta’s Partner API solution

Monta API enables you to develop your own use cases around Monta-managed charge points. Get insight and control over your charge points, user information, and financial reports by using your platform.
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What is the Partner API?

Through the API, Monta opens our data and functions to you, enabling you to develop your own use cases around your Monta-managed charge points.
  • Earn rich data insights (with a push into BI systems)
  • Automate by integration (into CRM, ERP, etc.)
  • Elevate your brand experience (by for example showing your charge points in your own user app)
  • Boost your business models (by for example, bundling products more smoothly)
Attain insight and control over your charge points, user information, and financial reports in your own platforms instead of having to go through our portal to reach it.

Gain data insights with Monta’s Partner API

Understanding prices, charge point performance, transaction success (e.g. success or failure), etc., greatly facilitates the adoption and retention of EV technologies.
Our Partner API’s got your back.
When you work with Monta’s API, you get to access your own data and get the insight and information. These can otherwise be lost when working with a third-party platform with poor integration systems.
Monta API allows you to access how prices are calculated, how charge points are performing, and whether transactions are successful and can help facilitate the adoption and retention of EV technologies.

What can you do with it?

Integrate Monta-operated charge points to your back office and see all entities and statistics in real-time
Display Monta charge points on your own map and let their users charge through their app(s)
Import all billing and transactions into your CRM tool and analyze it
Some of the data your will be able to access and get full lists of include:

Charge points and sites

Monta Wallet

Wallet transactions

Point map

Monta’s charge point map

Charger with cable

Charge transactions

Smart booking

Stop and start charges

API in action

Use case 1:

Parking Spot Provider (Wayleadr, YourParkingSpace)
Scenario: You give a parking spot service. You already have users in your app and want to integrate your parking spots with charge points. Today, users have to leave your app and pay with whichever app supports the charge point.

With the Partner API integration you can:

  • Display your charge points and their state directly with your app
  • Allow users to control (start, stop, state) the charge point directly in your app
  • Have one receipt/invoice for your user for both parking and charging

Use case 2:

Logistics - Truck company (PostNord, Einride)
Scenario: You run logistics with your E-fleet, have your own charge points and want to manage schedules and reserve them for your fleet as needed. You might even have some data-based AI/algorithm that calculates demand/routes for your fleet.

With the Partner API you can:

  • Schedule, start, stop charges as needed based on your logistics data
  • Turn on/off public availability as needed, monetizing your charge points when you are not using them
  • Keep track of charges, performance, etc.

Use case 3:

Insights - Relevant for large CPOs (CPH Airport)
Scenario: You are using Monta already and love everything about it; however, you need insights directly into your CRM/insights tools.

With the Partner API you can:

  • Make use of all the Monta feature you know and love (such as the Portal), and build your own integration
  • Fetch data about charge transactions and wallet transaction into your own system

Why is it important?

Our Partner API allows partners to opt in for data collaboration.
This enables partners to develop their own use-cases around their Monta-managed charge points.
For example, if partners want to present their own solutions, start and stop charges, or simply import information into their CRM tools; they can get all business relevant information in one centralized database.

Elevate your EV charging experience