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Payter payment terminal

The deep integration of Payter Terminals with EV drivers has given them the ability to pay with credit card directly on charge points.
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What is it?

Following the increasing demand (and legislation) to give EV drivers the ability to pay with credit card directly on charge points, Monta built a deep integration to the Payment Terminal provider Payter Terminals. Now you, a large site operator, can offer yet another payment type to your visitors in a scalable and transparent way.

What are the benefits?


Connect your Payter Terminals to the Monta system via API or by aligning with the Monta team in the Payter backend.


Manage pricing and money flow directly from Monta in the Portal, and having it reflected on the payment terminals.


Increase cost effectiveness by being able to group a single payment terminal to multiple charge points.

What are we solving?

It is becoming a requirement to give users a way to pay with a credit card directly on DC charges.
Monta will allow you to do this and much more, tackling the following problems, and future proofing your operations.
  1. Enabling you to accept payments with credit cards directly on terminals as required by regulations.
  2. Avoiding the high cost of Multiple terminal payment rentals.
  3. Saying goodbye to the need of updating prices at each terminal on location manually like you have to do today, in exchange of a solutions that is tech-driven, with limited admin work.
  4. Easily measure and monitor money flow with an all-in-one solution thanks to Monta Charge point management system.

Who is benefiting from it?

The feature has been built with and for public charge point operators in mind. Operators of public DC-chargers in popular locations, who need to provide e.g. tourists, etc with a direct pay option via credit card (if app-clips is not enough) will be the ones who can take the most advantage of the solution.

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