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Reserve a charge point is Monta’s take on a reservation system.
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What is SmartBooking?

Unlike SmartQueue, this feature isn’t designed to increase the utilization of a charge point. Instead it’s designed to allow site-owners to prioritize certain vehicles, and to accomodate drivers, who desperately need to charge.

How to reserve charge point

  • You can reserve one charge point at a time, and only charge points that is already available
  • Booking a charge point blocks the charge point from the moment of booking, until you arrive
  • By default, booking a charge point costs 50% of what it would cost you to charge per minute
  • Cancelling a booking does not refund the minutes you’ve already paid for
This feature is designed for fleet operations, where certain vehicles need priority, and other sites, where certain users may be willing to pay extra to guarantee themselves a charge point.
Smart Booking

As charging is often something that takes many hours, and varies greatly depending on the type of cars that charge, and their battery percentage when they arrive, we concluded that reserving a timeslot ahead of time to be unviable.

Allowing this type of reservation will lead to a large number of chargers having to be locked for users, who have not arrived yet, and result in lowering the utilization rate.

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