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Sponsored Charging

Seamlessly reimburse employee charging costs no matter where they charge and ensure effortless corporate fleet management.
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What is Sponsored Charging?

Sponsored Charging is a solution designed for companies that want to efficiently process and cover the charging costs of employees powering their EVs no matter where they charge.
As a corporate fleet manager, you can smoothly handle sponsorship requests from employees, group employees by profiles, and monitor charging expenses, all while ensuring a direct and effortless reimbursement process for your employees.

Why is it important?

When electrifying their fleet or trying to incentivise EV adoption, many companies consider covering their employees’ charging costs. Some might sponsor employees charging at home or on site in order to support them in the most cost-efficient way.
However, as a corporate fleet manager, handling the reimbursement process can be quite complex and time-consuming. You have to manage individual employee EV charging requests, align costs, and ensure correct reimbursements. Those tasks often require extensive communication with employees, which make the entire process unscalable for large organisations or growing businesses.

Who benefits from Sponsored Charging?

Corporate fleet manager

Corporate fleet manager

Forget having to manually align electricity costs or handle sponsorship requests individually. Monta’s solution streamlines the process while ensuring accurate cost management. You can apply group settings in bulk, streamlining operations and saving you valuable time.



Make reimbursements hassle-free for your employees. Seamlessly and accurately settle their charging costs no matter where they charge: at home, on site, or on the go.

What Sponsored Charging can do for you

Invite multiple employees at once

Save time by inviting multiple employees at once instead of one by one. This way, you ensure that everyone is set up and ready to benefit from sponsorship when they start charging.

Team member invite

Automate team settings to save time with Member Groups

No need to tweak settings for every individual employee. With Member Groups, you can pre-define employee profiles once, and automatically apply the configuration in bulk to team members as they join.

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Choose when to reimburse employees

With Sponsored Charging, you can automatically settle employee costs after every charge or reimburse them at the end of the month.


Effortlessly manage employee reimbursement requests

Employees can request charging sponsorship directly via Monta Charge. This way, you can easily review and approve sponsorships, enrolling employees more efficiently.

Sponsorship request

Receive electricity costs directly from employees

Employees charging at home can directly share their electricity expenses through Monta Charge. This allows reimbursements to align closely with actual charging expenses, becoming a fairer process and less prone to errors.

Electricity cost

Ready to streamline the EV charge reimbursement process?

Reach out if you are not yet a Monta customer to start benefiting from this solution.
If you’re an existing user, visit our Help Center to enable the Sponsored Charging feature for your corporate fleet.


How do I enable Sponsored Charging at my company?

If you’re an existing Monta customer, read our guide to understand how you and your team can start using Sponsored Charging.

Reach out if you are not yet a Monta customer to start benefiting from this solution.

How do I start benefiting from Sponsored Charging as an employee?

If your employer has enabled Sponsored Charging, follow these steps to start receiving reimbursements!

  1. At your home address, you need a Monta-compatible charger successfully connected to Monta.
  2. If your charger is not connected, please follow the step-by-step instructions on how to add, connect, and integrate a charge point to Monta.
  3. Once your charger is connected, refer to our guide to learn how to request sponsorship via the app.

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