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Virtual SolarCharge

Solar-powered EV charging at home, basically free.
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What is Virtual SolarCharge?

Virtual SolarCharge is like harnessing the energy of the sun right into your EV - bringing you a more sustainable home-charging experience. You can drive on sunshine, confident that your CO2 impact is even lower than before.

At Monta, we're constantly setting a new standard in EV charging. With Virtual SolarCharge, we've created a feature that lets you tailor your home-charging experience to fit your lifestyle - precisely, comfortably, and sustainably.

The problem

Solar panels are an expensive investment for homeowners. On top of that, integrating a solar setup with an EV charger can result in additional expenses and further complications. A homeowner might need to buy a new charger that supports solar charging, lay new cables, and could end up paying for costly apps/software subscriptions to manage their solar charge setup.
What does this mean?
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Offering the best EV charging service can quickly become costly and complicated for businesses

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Homeowners who want to charge their EVs with solar energy may need to spend more time and money to make it happen.

What is Monta’s solution?

With Virtual SolarCharge, homeowners won’t have to change anything about their existing solar setup. The feature integrates with any solar panel hardware, takes 5 minutes to set up, and is completely free to use. See which charge point models support it here.

Why choose Monta’s Virtual SolarCharge?

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100% solar energy

Monta's Virtual SolarCharge algorithm aligns solar energy supply with EV charging demand, enabling users to charge their EVs with 100% solar energy.

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Zero modifications to existing solar setup

Any solar panel, inverter, and battery can be used with Virtual SolarCharge, along with any chargers that supports it.

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No additional costs

Monta’s Virtual SolarCharge feature, like all Monta features, is free of charge to help drivers EV better.

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Easy setup guaranteed

Setting up Virtual SolarCharge takes less than 5 minutes and can be done by simply anyone. No complex hardware integrations, new EV chargers with special sensors, or additional software tools are necessary - only the Monta app is needed.

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Charging at no cost

With Virtual SolarCharge, homeowners can maximise the use of their solar panels to cut down on EV charging expenses at home. Depending on the user’s solar system setup, they might even charge their devices for free or at a minimal cost. This not only allows them to recover their initial investment more quickly but also supports a greener and more sustainable future.

How Virtual SolarCharge works

To enable Monta's Virtual SolarCharge feature, homeowners with solar panels and compatible EV chargers just need to input their panels' peak output, declination, and azimuth (compass orientation) into the app.
Then, the SolarCharge algorithm uses that information and current weather conditions to accurately estimate the amount of solar energy they will generate. With just a few details, you can get reliable and precise calculations of your panel's expected kWh output. The inputs can always be updated, ensuring that the calculations become smarter and even more accurate over time, as the user continues to fine-tune the details.

Once Virtual SolarCharge is enabled, you will be able to:

Charge Now + Virtual SolarCharge

EV drivers can ensure that their EVs are charged directly from their solar panels. Charging will automatically slow down if the sun is obstructed by clouds or stop if daylight ends.


How do I activate Virtual Solar Charge in the Monta App?

If you have solar panels and a compatible EV charger, follow this guide to activate Monta's Virtual SolarCharge in the app.

Will SolarCharge work everywhere and for all charge point brands?

Virtual SolarCharge is available in all Monta-operated markets. Check our database to find compatible charge points.

What does 'virtual' mean in 'Virtual SolarCharge'?

The term 'virtual' in 'Virtual SolarCharge' indicates that there is no physical integration required with the solar panels or PV inverters. Instead, it is a virtual connection that leverages the information you provide about your solar panels, location data, weather patterns, and a few setup questions. Monta's Virtual SolarCharge algorithm uses this data to estimate the amount of energy generated by your solar panels and instructs the charger when to charge your car and at what rate.

This approach offers a seamless and effortless integration experience, eliminating the need for lengthy and complex integration steps.

Is an integrated SolarCharge feature coming?

Yes, we are excited to announce that our upcoming feature, "True SolarCharge," is scheduled to be released early in 2024. True SolarCharge will offer seamless integration into your home's power system through the Smart meter. This integration will further enhance the solar charging experience, taking into account the energy usage of your home and providing a comprehensive solution for utilising solar energy to power your electric vehicle.

What is the minimum power that needs to be produced by the solar panels to fully charge my EV?

Most EVs and chargers have a charging limit of 6 amps, which means that charging is only possible when the solar panels are producing that much energy from the sun. That usually means 1.4kW depending on the geographic region and electrical installation of the charge point. If the solar panels produce less than 1.4kW of energy, then SolarCharging will be paused until power increases above that threshold.

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